Bad News can be Good News for SEO and Link-Bait

At all the events and conferences we go to we like to create bespoke presentations for all prospective clients. This was the same for a respectable Pensions company who were interested in talking to us about SEO.

They were a company that had not spent any time on their SEO or even focused on their own website development. So we took them through our SEO tools and showed them the chart below.

Good link bait?

Good Link Bait?

In this chart we see a sudden rise in positions in Google UK, for three of their main keywords including the very competitive term “Pensions” in and around December 2009.

So I asked “Did you do anything to your site around that time?” I was met with a bit of a blush, and a hushed comment. “We had company issues at that time.”

It transpired that during December of 2009 one of the Company Directors had hit both the local press and the industry press with some unsavoury news. However what that meant was the online publications and pension journals, in their droves, linked to the site. Furthermore, the website suddenly enjoyed increased traffic both from the linking and from the notoriety from the stories in the media.

This obviously had an effect on their positions in Google too. So if you are after Link Bait ideas, this may not be recommended on a moralistic viewpoint, but it is perfect link-bait for SEO.