A Year in Dev.

It’s been a busy year for the Development team. In 2011 we designed, built and managed a number of important sites. Here are some of the highlights.

fashion site

Independent Boutique: Fashion E-Commerce

Categories: B2B, B2C, CMS, SEO, e-commerce, faceted navigation

An online fashion marketplace allowing British designers to sell as a collective under the Independent Boutique banner. It’s a start-up business in the hardest category of all yet the site is now well established with over 70 UK independent fashion brands trading. IP’s marketplace solution was built from the ground up in consultation with our Search and Social Media teams ensuring performance, SEO best-practice and social integration from the outset.

ronda design

Ronda Design: Furniture and Architectural Design Manufacturing

Categories: Multilingual, B2B, CMS, SEO, SMO, Joomla

From a design perspective it is always a pleasure to work with a product with strong design credentials. The UK and Italian offices worked as a team and took what was a very static linear site with poor content accessibility and delivered something more dynamic in experience and visually more appropriate for a high-end architectural design product. Using a CMS with strong support for internationalisation was critical and allowing easy management of an expanding content base in multiple languages.
recruitment site

Maxwork: Leading Italian Recruitment Consultancy

Categories: Multi-user, Multi-tiered administration, B2C, SEO, SMO, Reporting, Drupal

Another UK and Italy team collaboration with high expectations. As a recruitment company with over 50 offices across Italy, Maxwork required a solution which enabled their regional offices to contribute content to local and sector-specific job listings. User experience was a priority, allowing candidates to find and apply for relevant job opportunities easily and enabling multiple tiers of administrator to manage jobs, enquires and reporting. The resulting build unifies the offices while providing an excellent SEO architecture to generate natural search volume across the site. Since launching in the summer Maxwork has experienced traffic and usage growth of over 400%.

got to dance

Sky: Got to Dance Social Media Development

Categories: SMO

Utilising the Facebook application platform, Intelligent Positioning produced a mini-site for Sky’s Got to Dance TV show, including content for each of the finalists. Our experience in developing for Facebook allowed the team to work within the constraints of the platform while still delivering engaging content.

Intelligent Positioning Dashboard.

Categories: Analytics, Data, Intelligence, Dashboard, SEO, SMO

Not launched yet but with a lot of keen planning, creative and technical development we have seen serious progress on a solution that will launch to our client base at the beginning of 2012. We are very excited about this.

The Development team are currently working on a number of exciting projects which will be launching over the next few months. The central focus of our development today is facilitating an expansive content strategy across a range of online assets. It is one thing to have a great Social Media and Natural Search strategy but it is another to have the right underlying development strategy. Our solutions are designed around creative and operational requirements using complete accessibility through SEO and SMO so content can flourish beyond all expectations.