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2023 wrapped: a year at Pi Datametrics

11 Dec 2023|4 MIN READ

It’s been a very busy year (isn’t it always). We’ve had plenty of product updates, new market intelligence reports to get stuck into, and tonnes of content to share from our experts here at Pi.

Read on for your 2023 recap. Plus, a sneak peek at what’s in store for 2024!

The most searched terms of 2023

We can’t have a roundup blog post without reviewing the most searched terms of 2023 from our Market Leader industries. Let’s take a look at what the US and UK have searched for the most this year so far…

In the US, terms that fall into the travel or electrical categories take center stage.

Travel was top of the agenda for Americans this year with ‘hotels’, ‘flights’, ‘apartments’, and ‘cheap flights’ all featuring in the top 5 most searched terms since January 2023.

The data would also suggest that Apple TVs, the PlayStation 5, the Nintendo Switch, and Apple Watches are the hottest products of the year.

US most searched terms 2023

In the UK, insurance seems to be much higher up the agenda with liability insurance, car insurance, and travel insurance all featuring in the top ten most searched terms of the year so far. 

Travel terms were also highly searched this year. ‘Hotels’ was searched a massive 75,400,000 times since January and ‘flights’ saw 7,780,00 searches.

UK most searched terms 2023

If you’d like to see the data in more depth, including top terms from all of our Leaderboard categories – send us an email at

What’s new in the Platform?

Working closely with our customers, we’re constantly updating and improving our SEO platform – striving to develop features that our customers want and need. And 2023 has been no different.

First up, we released our brand new Conflict Detector tool suite. Users can monitor the impact of cannibalisation on their website traffic straight from their Dashboard when they log in.

We also introduced two new widgets: Conflict Summary (a week-on-week comparison of internal conflict) and Conflict Timeline (a view of the number of conflicting terms by workspace over time).

We were also hard at work enhancing our Search Term Discovery tool. With the latest improvements, users have more control over their queries, making finding relevant and valuable search terms quicker.

Learn more about our enhancements to Search Term Discovery in this blog post.

2023 also saw us release our brand new Search Term Manager feature! Search Term Manager was built to bring meaningful structure to your search terms.

This brand-new tool allows users to:

  • Track high-traffic terms
  • Run competitor analysis across search terms
  • Categorize terms by URL

See the tool in action here.

And that’s not all. Keep your eyes peeled for our brand new Feature Explorer tool coming very soon. If you’re a Pi user you can check it out in Pi Labs.

See all our product updates via this blog post – an easy way to get up to speed and keep track of the latest updates at Pi.

See the Platform in action

Your favourite webinars, articles, and reports from Pi

Not only have we been busy enhancing our Platform, but we also released a tonne of great content for our SEO community.

From product demo webinars, thought-leadership pieces, and an SEO Crash Course, to market intelligence and share of search reports from Pi’s very own Intelligence Unit.

Take a look at some of the community’s favourites below…

Get your hands on a bespoke analysis report to help uncover new growth opportunities backed by business-defining insights below.

Commission a bespoke report

Market Leaders in Enterprise SEO Software

We’re so proud to be recognised by G2 as a Leader in the Enterprise SEO Software market this year!

As always, we’re very thankful for the support from our new and existing customers. Their honest feedback means we can continuously improve our SEO Platform.

Here’s a snippet of what our customers have had to say this year…

“I’ve found Pi Datametrics to be an invaluable tool for SEO work. The ability to provide in-depth insights into keywords, competitor analysis and content optimization is impressive. I like how the data is visualised, which makes it user-friendly.” – User in Financial Services

“It gives you all the data you need to quickly understand your situation in the market and take informed actions. There’s no other tool in the market that offers that amazing and often overlooked feature. It saves a lot of time and helps you plan your marketing strategies like no other.” – SEO Manager

Read more user reviews here.

What’s in store for 2024?

We’ve got a lot in store for 2024. From huge product updates and feature releases to new industry leaderboards!

“2023 has been a big year in Search and a big year for Pi! We’ve evolved more than we ever have before and the biggest reason for this is that Pi is telling users exactly what to do. This will only get better in 2024 as we release our exciting new Contextual Optimisation AI feature… Be excited… Very Excited!” – John Barker, Head of Solutions here at Pi Datametrics

Keep your eyes peeled for…

  • AI-powered recommendation engine – revolutionise your optimisation strategies and workflows with actionable insights driven by the power of AI.
  • AI-enabled group categorisation – an efficient and insightful means of categorising search terms.
  • GA4 integration – integrate GA4 data and create new dashboards that provide a snapshot of this critical data, all in one place.
  • New Market Leaderboards for Retail – we’ll introduce new Sportswear and Pre-loved Fashion leaderboards in the new year.


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2023 has been a very busy year in search. And it doesn’t look like things will be slowing down in 2024 either. We’re excited to see what the new year has in store – see you there!

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