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Apply meaningful structure with Pi’s Search Term Manager

28 Nov 2023|2 MIN READ

Helping you set up to win – Pi’s new Search Term Manager makes it easier to apply meaningful structure to your data and find key insights, quickly.

Overwhelming amounts of search terms? When you’re working with thousands and tens of thousands of search terms it’s very easy to get lost in the data. What’s up-to-date and what terms need refreshing?

Structuring your data properly is essential. When everything is a bit of a mess, it’s hard to know where you can pull valuable insights from. That’s where Pi’s new Search Term Manager comes in…

With the functionality to view the categories and subcategories associated with each search term, as well as search volume data, URLs, SERP features, and position data – you’ll be able to make faster decisions to organize your data and remove unnecessary terms.

Compare performance across your entire dataset

Getting the structure of your data right at the start means you can use Pi’s advanced data to compare and contrast performance across all your different search term categories, and your competitors too!

Pi’s new Search Term Manager offers unique ways of supporting decisions, take a look…


Use Search Term Manager to track high-traffic terms

Focus on tracking search terms that, if optimized, represent the largest possible traffic uplift.

Use Search Term Manager for competitor analysis

Create a group of search terms that your competitor performs well for.

Keep your data fresh with Search Term Manager

Keep on top of your data and remove search terms you don’t position for.

Categorize by URL using Search Term Manager

Create groups of search terms based on categories that can be identified in a returning URL.

If you’re a Pi user, you’ll find the new Search Term Manager under ‘Data and setup’ in the navigation.

Not a current user and want to see this new feature in action? Get in touch with the team to book your demo!

See this new feature in action
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