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Pi’s SEO blogs contain posts from our team and a variety of expert guest contributors, presenting insights into SEO trends and best practice.


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SEO Blog Posts

The Pi Datametrics blog contains hundreds of articles, some from our own team of experts, others from guest contributors, all helping you to keep up with the latest industry news and trends, and to share best practices across all aspects of SEO.

Updated regularly, with several posts a month, the Pi blog presents detailed articles to help you improve your search optimisation strategy, learn how to use Pi’s data more effectively, and to understand search trends.

A key focus for the blog is data-driven search optimisation – using keyword research and patterns, monitoring search performance, and visualising the SERPs and constantly evolving methods of presentation to plan and optimise your content.

To support this, we help you to keep up to date with the evolution of search – how Google and other search engines present results in different ways and the regular algorithm updates which affect how your content performs.

During 2020, we’ve covered three Google Core Updates, as well as a range of tweaks and changes, and the general direction Google’s results are heading. For example, the use of SERP features such as answer cards and video results present challenges for marketers looking to make their sites more visible.

Our data helps you to keep up with consumer search trends, and how your optimisation strategies can adapt. For example, we’ve helped retailers to understand how shoppers have been searching during the pandemic and looked into trends within key retail verticals.