Setting up a single strategy for corporate multi-sites

Hannah Gordon Smith | Analytics Lead | Zurich | 14:50pm – 15:05pm

Hannah took to the Pi stage to tell us three key steps for creating single, unified strategy for businesses of scale:

  • 1 – Mapping
  • 2 – Measuring
  • 3 – Managing

Hannah Gordon Smith’s slides:

SEO is hard!
To keep up with SEO we need to keep up with Google

  • Google updates 1.64 times per day
  • That’s more than our average Tinder matches per day – 0.92 (!)
  • Big brands post less on Instagram per day (1.5)

But we also need to be keeping up with each other…

The growth of SEO

  • $11 billion was spent on SEO in 2008
  • $80 billion will be spent on SEO by 2020

Hannah Gordon Smith - Zurich - Brighton SEO talk and slides - Setting up a single strategy for corporate multi-sites

Company culture is bay far the biggest barrier to progression

A common problem within big businesses is that there’s too many stakeholders, but no one owns a problem.

Institutionalised individuals are afraid of change – companies can become complacent and strategies can take a long time to be implemented.

Zurich’s business structure

Zurich had multiple different businesses, with multiple goals and tools, and numerous business owners who don’t talk to one another.

Mapping helps Zurich to ask – what can we improve, how, when and who will improve it?

1 – Map…

…out your landscape from a customer and business perspective, taking into consideration omnichannel activity and the customer journey.

Working in silo’s means 50% of our output is wasted.

⅓ of marketers still manage marketing in silos and strategies are fractured. Customers fall off the path to conversion as a result.

How to map:

  • Know the customer
  • Know the business goal – align the two –
  • And then bring in the talent

2 – Measure

  • Customer – Understand their preferences
  • Goals – Identify your key business goals
  • Talent – Source employees that have values aligned with the company’s strategic vision.

3 – Manage

  • Educate and gain trust with those institutionalised individuals
  • Challenge their mindset
  • Establish a common goal – find out how you can support these individuals to make their lives easier. Make yourself important to them so that you can get things done and make progress to alter the culture and break through the barriers to executing your strategy.
  • Create a working contract

Hannah Gordon Smith's Brighton SEO takeaways:

- Map a holistic landscape
- Find your key opportunities
- Make friends with your stakeholders Hannah Gordon Smith Search Marketing and Analytics Lead, Zurich

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