X-Factor acts / finalists on Twitter

x-factor on twitterThe X-Factor acts have all been given a twitter account and some have already got more followers than big named TV and pop stars.

We have already written about the good relationship Twitter and live TV has together, then if you mix in pop music and the younger audiences, then Twitter is the ideal medium for the X-Factor stars to interact with their fans. It’s also a pretty good way for us to see which one has the fan base to take this year’s crown.

If the number of X-factor finalist Twitter fans has anything to go by on who wins X-Factor, then the X-Factor finalist Frankie Cacozza with 166,000 Twitter fans after just the first week is looking a good bet. Frankie already has almost half the official X-Factor’s own Twitter fan numbers. Second place so far is Janet Devlin who after singing Cold Play in week one has charmed her fan base. What is surprising is 2Shoes with 34,000 followers, they were dropped after week one but still have very impressive numbers. The older performers and the groups are far behind the girls and boys in terms of numbers. If Twitter has anything to go by Rhythmix should watch their backs.

We’ll be tracking the X-Factor finalists twitter accounts throughout this year’s series and show their progress and fan numbers.

X-Factor finalists on Twitter

Here are the X-Factor finalists on twitter accounts and fan numbers in order of most fans first.

  1. Frankie Cacozza on Twitter – @FrankieCocozza 166,065
  2. Janet Devlin on Twitter – @JanetJealousy 83,305
  3. Amelia Lily on Twitter – @AmeliaLilyOffic 49,047
  4. Craig Colton on Twitter – @CraigColtonUK 44,035
  5. Marcus Collins on Twitter – @MarcuscollinsUK 42,806
  6. 2Shoes on Twitter – @2shoesOfficial 34,684
  7. The Risk on Twitter – @theriskoffic 28,336
  8. James Michael on Twitter – @thejmichael 26,110
  9. Nu Vibe on Twitter – @nuvibeoffic 24,559
  10. Misha B on Twitter – @mishaBRYAN 24,039
  11. Sophie Habibis on Twitter – @sophiehabibis 17,392
  12. samantha brookes on Twitter – @SamiBrookesXfac 14,193
  13. Kitty Brucknell on Twitter – @kittybrucknell 13,255
  14. Jonjo Kerr on Twitter – @Jonjosephkerr 9,703
  15. Rhythmix on Twitter – @rhythmixoffic 7,744
  16. Johnny Robinson on Twitter – @jrmusicoffic 7,123