Who won on Mothers Day in SEO?

Mothers Day is big. And not just when you miss it and your dear Mum gives you the guilty treatment. It is nowadays a major day in the gift calendar and not just a day to pick daffodils from the local park.

In terms of search, “Mother’s day” in 2012 is a major gift day, obviously not as big as Christmas but bigger in terms of search than Father’s Day, Graduation and perhaps more surprisingly even Valentines Day. But then again, pretty much everyone has a mother, but not everyone has a lover.

Mothers Day V Other Minor Gift Days

So to be on page one and above the fold for Mother’s day in natural search could be very lucrative to a select few. Our URL line tracker below shows how the main brands have been fairing over the last few months for the search term “Mother’s Day Gifts”. (BTW this term is almost 7 times bigger than

The SEO Winners on Mother’s Day 2012

The chart below shows the final drive for page one for the keyword “Mother’s Day Gifts”. A whole chasing pack of site seem to rise from the last week in February to take top spot this week.

Languishing on page 3 for most of the year, www.buyagift.co.uk makes a late bolt for page one. So too did www.gonedigging.co.uk and several others.

The SEO Losers on Mother’s Day 2012

Unfortunately for gettingpersonal.co.uk they had fantastic positions all year, but then drop a week before the big day. So too is last minute flower favourites www.interflora – this time last year they were position 4 in Google.co.uk – no position 15. Let’s hope a lot of people buy their Mother’s Day Gifts early.

For much more detailed analysis on why these sites went up and down, we’d happily do bespoke reports and give the reasons behind the positions.