One of the best Football Websites

The best football websites for me have to have a reasonable amount of intelligent argument, banter, unbiased accounts of games and the best quality football writing and journalism. My favourite football blog isn’t even about my favourite football team.

For the purpose of this blog piece i won’t even bother telling you who i suppport, but let’s say that I have not found a club blog (as yet) that offers a well rounded account of my team’s ups and downs and huge amounts spent by the manager. I am by no means inviting scrutiny here for the calibre or expertise of any player. Infact, the speed that football blogs revert to abuse in the comments section is another reason to despise them generally.

Football Blog

The Stretford End

Maybe for all those reasons that’s why I feel happier reading other team’s blogs. It’s actually quite interesting hearing about Arsenal, Newcastle or Spurs and their inner issues and the concerns each team has. Plus I have tried reading the smaller team blogs, but despite the reality of their daily travails, I can’t get excited or emotional about the fact that the biggest news was a sighting of a local radio DJ.

I’m an avid Guardian reader which has a brilliant sports section (especially the cricket). However I haven’t added to the football blogs for ages, partly because by the time I have read the piece there are 100s of comments, usually abusive with the the usual footbal stereotypes. And if i wanted to read abusive comments i’d spend 5 minutes at You Tube.

So having a well behaved audience is again another important aspect to me when looking for my favourite football blog. Can it really be that hard? You betcha.

The Best Football Website

So here it is, the Best of the football websites (that i have seen) is..drum roll… The Stretford End.

Check it out, it’s just good. Yeah the webmaster reckons he is really unbiased, but obviously lives and breathes Manchester United and given the chance would call all his children (even the girls) Eric, Ryan or Norman. But the journalism and analysis is of the highest quality. Pieces about formations and football strategies are rarely equalled even on the bigger football sites.

So for a small blog about a big team, where the competition (in numbers) is vast, this blog still stands out. So much so that the Times recently mentioned his good work and quality journalism.

So Stretty keep up the good work, even if you still go to sleep with a Red Devils pillow case, I am happy to read your quality articles and give you only our second ever “Best website of the week” award.

Author Sam