Insurance beats Ryan Giggs, Pippa and Wedding combined in Search

There has been so much online chat recently in the mainstream press about the public’s activity in Twitter, Injunctions, searches for Royal bridesmaids and so on.

So much so I just wanted to quickly see what sort of impact this had had on our general search patterns over the last few months. Remember the Royal Wedding? The biggest media event of all time, well there was an expected large peak on the day, but the searches quickly went back down. Pippa Middleton was also the first name on every journalists’ lips. Then we had the Ryan Giggs saga and the Cheryl Cole X-Factor “axing”.

However, if Google Insights is to be fully believed, all these huge stories combined, were still searched for less than “Insurance” in the last 90 days. We just can’t get enough of Confused, Go Compare, Churchill, More Than and all the others.

Insurance SEO

With this sort of traffic, it’s no wonder Insurance SEO is getting so desperate to be number 1, the riches there can be the difference between a good year and a fantastic year.

We did some tests on the sector around Christmas time to see the impact of algorithmic changes within insurance. In the second half of last year the search positions of Car Insurance took an almighty shake up in Google for all the major players.

Previously well positioned pages for trophy terms started dropping out of Google’s index around 18 August for a period of 4 months. This could in all likelihood be a testing phase for an algorithm update and penalty for certain types of linking. Here is a segment of our research, which we will put together in full, with the latest updates in due course.

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