Google Facts…

We all know Google is a behemoth of a company, but how much does the search engine Google earn, what is its revenue, how many people search on Google every day, how many people search on google every year and some history about Google.

When was Google founded?

  • Google was founded in 1996

Who founded Google?

  • Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin from Stanford College, in California. They set out to find a way of sorting the internet’s then 10million pages in order to make them easily searchable.

How many searches are made on Google every month?

  • There are 76 Billion searches made on Google every month, Worldwide

How many searches are made on Google every day?
2.5 Billion Searches are made on Google every day, in 40 different languages

How does Google generate revenue?

  • Google Adwords was created in 1998 as a way of generating revenue by using keyword searches to sell relevant ad space to advertisers.
  • Google auctions ad space for particular keywords, with the advertiser bidding an amount they are prepared to pay Google ‘per click’ that it generates.
  • However, the highest bidder is not necessarily the winner. The winner, is determined by the following formula: P = B x Q (Price = Bid x Quality)
  • This is devised in order to arbitrate a balance between quality and relevance

What is Google’s revenue – How much does Google earn?

  • In the last quarter of 2009 Google made $200 every second, summing a quarterly total revenue of $6.5 billion