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Enhance your content strategy with Pi’s Search Volume Timeline

04 Dec 2023|2 MIN READ

Influence content planning and strategic sales initiatives with Pi’s Search Volume Timeline.

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, timing is everything. If you're not aligning your efforts with the moments when your audience is most engaged, you risk missing out on valuable opportunities.

Access to reliable search trend data and having a good grasp on consumer behavior play a vital role in successfully attracting your target audience at the right moment.


Why is search volume data so important?

Pi’s Search Volume Timeline allows you to view search volume over time to quickly see year-on-year search trends, peaks and declines in demand, and importantly, the themes with the greatest commercial opportunities.

Utilizing this kind of data is great for influencing your content strategy, as well as strategic sales initiatives.

Spotting patterns in the data will help you:

  • Identify peak seasons: pinpoint the times of year when demand for your products and services is at its highest.
  • Optimize content timing: publish informational content when your target audience is in the research phase of their buying journey.
  • Capture transactional intent: know when to optimize keywords and phrases to target customers ready to make a purchase.
  • Plan strategic product launches: determine the best times of year to introduce new products or services into the market.


Uncover search trends by category and sub-category

Uncover search trends for your categories or subcategories. The ability to dissect your data using subcategories offers a more granular visualization of content opportunities and revenue opportunities.

Don’t let valuable opportunities slip through the cracks. Gain insights into search trends, consumer behavior, and commercial opportunities with our Search Volume Timeline. Book your demo to see it in action!

Demo Search Volume Timeline
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