Bored of Twitter? Twitter is boring say users

picture-9We were told Twitter was the biggest thing since the printing press. We questioned “what’s the point of Twitter” but now with some research we hear that people can’t really be bothered with it. Stop Press, is it true, Twitter is pointless, Twitter is useless, Twitter is boring? Is this the end of Twitter? Well maybe, maybe not.
More popular than a cool pint of shandy on a bank holiday Monday, Twitter was positioned by many as the best thing that had ever happened to the Internet. There is no denying the fact that it is popular, very popular, with around 1 million user in mid-February.


We Love Twitter…

Everyone was using it and every single article and TV show seemed to be mentioning it. There was Barack Obama famously using it to win the US presidential election. The cleverest man in the UK, Stephen Fry was telling his 100,000s of followers about his travels, oh how we laughed. And then there was Oprah. Infact the “Oprah effect” on Twitter, as TechCrunch suggested, encouraged more than one million people to sign, and Hitwise said it led to a 43% spike in Twitter traffic. Plus many many more celebs (Shaq, Wolverine, Russel Brand, Jonathan Ross and my favourite Jeremy Paxman, got involved).


We Hate Twitter…

Now just a few months later, we have a bit of a morning after feeling and embarrassing hangover. President Obama didn’t write anything for weeks after he won, this great marketing machine seemed to stop once people had spent their vote. The Oprah effect too may have brought people online, with a massive 850,000 followers Oprah has managed just 29 updates after she first posted – The chat show hostess is now reportedly bored of Twitter.


Twitter is Boring – The Facts

These hard-hitting celebs are not the only ones who think Twitter is a bit like Ricky Martin. Apparently most people see it as a short-lived craze, enticing and the centre to everyone’s conversation at first, then a bit of a one-trick pony later. Twitter’s traffic is not as good as first thought, numbers are high but people are not getting into it. Apparently a Nielsen study has shown that 60% of Twitterers don’t return after the first month of joining.


Apparently at this current rate, Nielsen say that Twitter will only reach about 10% of online customers. – Something that probably needs to be told to the plethora of salesmen frequenting the said website.


Twitter still very popular and lots of traffic

Twitter may be like a large room of lots of people shouting and not a huge amount listening, but whatever we think, there is still many people turning up to have a yell. But if Twitter traffic is slipping we shouldn’t blame Twitter for the tedium, we should blame the content providers – us.