Big Data and SEO Technology = the Global Future of Search

With daily news regarding Google’s personalisation changes coupled with forecasts by companies such as Forrester stating that the SEO technology market will exceed $600 million by 2016 in the United States alone, Intelligent Positioning feels perfectly placed.

We’ve seen huge opportunities and technology advances in natural search that are compelling search marketers to turn to SEO platforms to gain the upper hand. Because of that we are therefore strongly accelerating IP’s software development program in 2012.

Our agile technology infrastructure gives brand managers peace of mind knowing millions of dollars won’t be lost when search engines like Google make changes to satisfy consumer interests. This is supported by strong endorsement and results from top global clients such as BSkyB, Alitalia, AXA, Pearson (FT) and now publishing group, IPC.
We’re building a big business focused on SEO through Big Data and SEO Technology as the emerging future course of the Search industry.

Forrester’s analysis and forecasts has become a reality in the UK, Scandinavia and Southern Europe already. Intelligent Positioning is planning a near 200% increase in overall sales in 2012 with all of that coming from our combined Intelligent Platform and soon-to-be released new IP SEO Platform.

We have almost 60 sales prospects already booked in our UK and Italian pipeline alone, and we plan to expand into other European countries imminently. Right now we are looking for more distribution partners across Europe and Asia and are already in talks with software and agency partners to give us reach in Benelux, Scandinavia, Hong Kong and China.

While Natural Search (Google’s free search results) accounts for 92 percent of clicks, but only 11 percent of search spending. Intelligent Positioning through our sustained emphasis on a ground-up architected technology platform since late 2009 is committed to changing that trend.

Intelligent Positioning’s SEO platform collects data millions of sources daily over the past 5 years to help companies understand where they sit in search results, where their competitors sit, and how they can move up. Not surprisingly some companies that depend on SEO for all their traffic might spend hours using IP’s products (such as news, media, travel or retail brands), while others see it more of an alert system, so they know when their rank is falling.

Intelligent Positioning has consistently been chosen to work with cutting edge brands who need real time intelligence fast and it shows in our results. That is why the future of search is Big Data backed by SEO technology – which is exactly where IP is – 2012 is going to be a very good year.