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A year in Pi and what’s next for 2018…

20 Dec 2017|4 MIN READ

A year in search

2017 has been a hugely exciting year for search. We've made significant headway into voice search territory, we're collectively realising the burgeoning power of ecommerce leviathans like Amazon, and we - as marketers - are finally waking up to the power of search insight as strategic counsel for the entire business.

A year in Pi Datametrics: 2017

At Pi, we constantly have our finger on the pulse of search development, and have been innovating to support you in navigating these significant changes.

We've adapted to prepare you for voice search with our new 'Voice search audit' support, we're accelerating your share of voice growth with Market Intelligence advancements and we're working tirelessly to help you prove the value of search to prominent stakeholders, and increase your influence across the business with new 'Commercial reports'.

With significant updates and rapid evolution, it's clear to see why Pi is the solution of choice for some of the worlds biggest and most reputable brands.

conflict detector

Speed to insight:

The Vault - Our grab and go databank of sector insight, unlocked for dive-in analysis.

Conflict detector - Our new reporting functionality, for instantly spotting cannibalization.

Advanced table filter - A development to the Pi Platform, enabling users to explore their data with strategic purpose.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 15.55.46

Value-driving search data:

Adobe analytics integration - Organic search and proprietary commercial data in one centralized performance index.

Commercial reports - Strategic counsel and resource justification for search performance.

Business case builder - A benchmark of content revenue performance and actionable ROI-driven recommendations.


Global growth acceleration:

Pi Market Intelligence (II) - A whole new platform experience, turning search data into business metrics.

Global market data - A feature developed for global businesses, to view separate market data at an operational level.



Market performance reports:

Retail - fashion (UK & US)

Retail - beauty

Retail - home

Travel - flights (UK & US)

Search trends (UK & US)

Financial services (UK & US)

Finance insurance (UK & US)


Integrating datasets - Pi and Brandwatch collaboration


What's coming up for Pi: 2018


Speed to insight:

Trending workspaces: Providing intelligence to news and content sites that are subjected to fast moving trending themes in their business.

Improved search volume integration: Removes reliance on third parties for search volume, discovers / flags close variant keywords and protects against keyword planner bands (i.e. 10k - 100k) that offer limited insight.


Value-driving search data:

Search term group intelligence: An experience that allows users to explore the value of search term groups, before committing them to a workspace, and forecast/report on that value via Pi's reporting module.

Search console integration: Users will be able to plug SC into Pi for further insight.


Global growth acceleration:

Market Intelligence (III): Integrates Market Intelligence into Pi natively, and improves the commercial output. Users can customize Market Intelligence reports based on their own workspace data and Vault business categories.


Thank you for your help and support in 2017! We are very excited for what's to come next...

From all of us at Pi, happy new year!


Interested in seeing how Pi could help you level-up in search? Get in touch now.

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