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Pickfords adopt Pi’s tools and insights to prove the value of SEO

16 Nov 2022|2 MIN READ

Utilising Pi's tools and insights, Pickfords’ SEO team can better analyse their efforts and report on their success – clearly demonstrating the value SEO adds to the business.

After implementing Pi, Pickfords saw a huge improvement in rankings in both the UK and international moving spaces, increasing website traffic by 6% and increasing total revenue by 10%.

The challenge: Lacking an efficient way to analyse and report on success

Pickfords’ SEO team wanted to analyse their current performance and assess their site’s strengths and weaknesses before making any significant changes. However, they lacked insight, especially when it came to individual page performance in the search results. 

As a small SEO team, they needed a way to quickly view data and reports – a task they’d often find to be very time-consuming, especially as they didn’t have the ability to easily track changes they had made.

How Pi helped: Adopting Market Intelligence reports and insights to better understand performance

Now with the ability to track all of their keywords and positions, the team uses Pi’s Position Explorer Table to monitor these on a regular basis. They also utilise Pi’s Page Diagnostic tool to analyse keyword matching to the target page. 

Adopting Pi’s Visibility Indexes and Market Intelligence reports the team can now monitor competitor insights too, offering them a better understanding of how they fare in the market and against key competitors. 

The team utilises the insight tools regularly in Pi not only to identify any potential problems and conflicts but to also highlight new opportunities and areas to improve. This has allowed them to focus their efforts on the areas where they’re likely to see higher commercial gains. 

The ability to show improvements through this feature means the team has been better equipped to demonstrate the value of SEO and how it benefits the company’s success overall.

The outcome:Proven the value of SEO

After implementing Pi in 2021, and seeing a big improvement in rankings in both the UK and international moving and removals markets, the team have seen an increase in organic traffic, enquiries, AOV and ultimately, revenue. 

  • 10.43% increase in total revenue
  • 5.81% increase in page views
  • AOV for international moving has increased by 19%
  • AOV for domestic moving has increased by 352%
  • International moving enquiries have increased by 4.79%
  • UK moving enquiries have increased by 6.82%

“The business has welcomed the increase in organic traffic and revenue. In the last few years we’ve seen an increase in the market which has helped, but a strong position in the SERPs has been essential to capturing the benefits of that. Pi has been integral to helping us decide our SEO strategy, providing the data and insight we needed.” – Mille Spark, SEO Manager, Pickfords

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