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New release: Pi Datametrics Market Leaders

01 Aug 2018|3 MIN READ

Here at Pi we have been working on a very exciting new feature to our website, Pi Market Leaders, which we expect many of you will find useful and informative.

The reports will cover major verticals and industries - starting with fashion and Travel for UK and US, releasing more each quarter.

What are the Leaderboard reports?

For added benefit, downloadable reports for each sector will be released with each update. Reports will give Pi insights and enable you to delve into the details, including:

  • Share of voice
  • Share of voice over time
  • Search trends over time
  • Top 10 most Organically Valuable search terms
  • Top 10 most searched search terms.

These reports will be particularly beneficial as they help to spot new market opportunities, plan strategy for the next quarter and identify success. Insights from the reports can also help to establish internal and external factors affecting demand in your industry.

What is the rationale behind the Leaderboard?

To ensure the reliability and accuracy of our leaderboards, we use Pi’s very own SEO software, Pi Market Intelligence. This enables us to discover a brand’s share of voice over time, to fuel our quarterly updates.

Share of voice explained

We capture every returning site in the market (i.e. Google UK), for every single search term we analyse.

One search alone can generate millions of sites. Take the term ‘Dresses’ in womenswear. This generates 4bn sites.

When we’re analysing thousands of those searches at once, it translates as huge amounts of data.

And when we assess a brand’s visibility across this, it’s a big indication of opportunity.

We organise those individual searches into themes and categories, to see a brand’s share across different areas of their market, as well as their overall performance.

Organic Value Score explained

To give a better indication of a search’s ability to generate a sale or conversion, we created our Organic Value Score, which we apply to every single search term we analyse.

OVS takes many factors into account to determine the value of a search, beyond just search volume, as we know visibility doesn’t always indicate value.

OVS enables us to calculate the value of search terms, themes and categories. This means we’re able to show you your share across the most commercially viable areas in your market, and help you plan strategy with value-led trends.

What insight can we gain from Pi’s Fashion Leaderboards?

The fashion leaderboards involved analysis of three different categories: womenswear, menswear and non-gender specific. The leaderboards are solely based on our share of market data, however you can find out more, including organic value and share of voice over time, in our separate Q2 fashion UK and US downloadable reports.

Having climbed four places, New Look are the top position holders in the fashion UK leaderboard with a 7.81% share of voice. Next was a non-mover in 2nd position and remains in close competition with New Look due to its 7.47% share of voice.

fashion_uk_leaderboard (1)

In terms of the US fashion market, the major department store Macys continued to top the leaderboard with a 13.5% share of voice. This almost doubles that of 2nd position holder Forever 21, which managed to climb up one position this quarter, replacing Nordstrom which now lies in 3rd with a 5.1% share of voice.

fashion us

What do Pi’s Flight leaderboards tell us?

Pi’s flights UK leaderboard revealed no movement amongst the top 4 positions since the last quarter. However, further information on fluctuations is included in the corresponding report which analyses categories European/Short haul and Non-european/Long haul.

flight uk

Our flights US leaderboard tells a similar story of non-movement as our UK leaderboard, perhaps giving insight to the nature of this sector. Compared to the UK, the US leaderboard has quite a different top 3 position holder list: Kayak, Expedia, Trip advisor, and all top 5 position holders were non-movers since Q1.

flights us

Marker leader leaderboards will be updated quarterly and reports for each sector will be available to download. As more leaderboards are created, you will be able to look retrospectively at previous quarters and in the future we have the view to develop leaderboards for more sectors internationally as well in the UK.

To demo the software behind the leaderboards get in touch or book a demo.

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