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Elevate Brighton | Talks from Pricesearcher, Brandwatch & LeoVegas

01 Oct 2018

This Elevate we've levelled up - we're now hosting in the coolest co-working space in Brighton, Platf9rm.

We've got three very different talks with one thing uniting them all: Search data.

Our CMO, Sam Silverwood-Cope, begins by explaining how, in the past, SEO has been misunderstood and the value of search gets lost in translation. Its slowly changing, but we’ve still got a way to go.

Sam sees tech performance and content performance as the two main parts of an SEO strategy.

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The tech performance is the foundation; your content can't performs if you don't have the technical part in place, but equally if you can't translate the value and importance of that technical SEO in supporting commercials, landscapes, forecasting and the business decisions of every department, then as an SEO, you won't get investment and as a company, you'll struggle to elevate and succeed.


Weldon Whitener | The power of pricing data | Elevate Brighton

Chief Analytics Officer | |@pricesearcher

Weldon Whitener has an impressive career history, being the Head of Pricing at Amazon and now the Chief Analytics Officer at Price Searcher. He’s all about putting the customer first, and he believes that having the right pricing strategy is a large part of that.

So what can businesses do to emulate sites like Amazon or Ebay?

Weldon breaks it down into four main things that affect a customer's purchasing decision:

  • Price
  • Selection
  • Fulfilment
  • Service

It's important for marketing to start with a price-first position, as customer trust starts with pricing and value; if you don’t have the right pricing, people will navigate away and conversion will happen elsewhere. Marketing and pricing strategies must be in sync.

He highlights that the customer journey is not solely done on one site - people look around, check at least three sites before purchasing. So driving people to your site isn’t enough as searchers may not convert on seeing your pricing.

Prices are always changing, they’re never static, so its imperative to have the right data to track this (for example, as a result of discount holidays such as Black Friday).

He leaves us with the message that trust is earnt over time, not overnight. Your pricing strategy won’t reap instant rewards, your customer needs to associate you with bringing them value overtime.

Weldon Whitener's Elevate Brighton slides...



Emma Shanahan | Search and social: A complete customer view | Elevate Brighton

Product Marketing Manager | |@Brandwatch |@emmashan100

You may wonder what social data has to do with SEO, but Emma is here to tell us how using social and search data together can build a more complete and accurate view of your customer.

She says, as marketers, we are sometimes guilty of viewing our data in silos. We need integrate datasets to fully understand our customer.

Brandwatch have a solution: Vizia. Vizia provides a platform for viewing all this data in a beautiful way, so its easy to understand and looks great! With a number of data apps available on the platform, anyone in the business can view datasets alongside one another.

"The customer should never have to think about it; as soon as they question your journey you’ve already lost them." Both search and social are hugely popular touch points within the customer journey, so having data on this is essential.

Whats more, users behave differently on search and social; on social we have the freedom to be emotive and present ourselves to the world however we please. Whereas search is more private and direct. So for example, Emma imagines she works at LoveHoney - what someone might say on social about a fun date night with their significant other, may not completely line up with what they are searching for privately on Google…..

She further illustrates how search and social can work together to inform marketing strategies and even product ideas with examples from Brandwatch and Pi’s fashion report. See the report here.

If you'd like to see Emma's slides, please get in touch.


Mattias Bergehed | Fuelling M&A with search data in iGaming | Elevate Brighton

Head of SEO | |@LeoVegasUK |@MattiasBergehed

Mattias, the ‘Coolest Head of SEO ever’ (direct quote from our CMO), shares his experience and successes using search data for M&As.

He outlines LeoVegas’ strategy and how they decide which pages to give the most love and attention to out of the vast array of website they have in their remit, with search insight.

He then goes on to explain how he used search data to understand the UK online casino market. LeoVegas were able to identify which sector within online gaming they were best positioned to compete with - namely Slot games.

Having these insights allowed LeoVegas to create synergies within the business. Not only did they have a better understanding of their competitors, they knew where to focus their attention in this market.

With this information, they were able to identify and buy the major UK gambling company, Rocket X. 28% of LeoVegas’ revenue now comes from the UK, thanks to the acquisition of Rocket X. Mattias uses search data to understand markets from all over the world.


You can read more about how LeoVegas used Pi data to acquire Rocket X here.

Mattias Bergehed's Elevate Brighton slides...

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