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What’s in store for Pi 2020?

26 Nov 2019|5 MIN READ

Explore less, share more - in 2020 we’re updating our software to bring you broader analysis, and faster insight.

Account-level reporting (Early Q1 2020)

Currently, reporting is limited to single workspaces, meaning you’ll are unable to report on all workspace data in an account.

To address this, we’re moving reports from workspace level to account level.

Benefits: You will be able to report on different workspaces in the same report, and view multiple tracking frequencies alongside one another.

Position Explorer’s facelift (Early Q1 2020)

Position Explorer is the most used tool on Pi Platform, however, speed to insight can sometimes be slow and difficult to discover.

We’re completely renewing this tool so it’s easier to digest and find insight, whilst continuing to bring essential value to your business.

Benefits: The simplified interface will significantly increase speed to insight.

Market Intelligence in reports

Pi’s Market Intelligence (Mi) tool, shows your market share of voice and emerging search trends but isn’t currently available as a report.

Therefore, we’re adding new reporting modules so you’ll soon be able to report on Mi components in your standard reports.

Benefits: You’ll now be able to combine different Mi’s together, add Mi components to standard reports, send Mi’s to your inbox, and share a PDF of Mi insights around the business.

Save insights from anywhere

‘Insights’ is one of our favourite features of the Pi platform. It’s an effective way to share discoveries from Position Explorer or Visibility index. We want you to be able to do it from more places within the app.

We’re working on providing functionality that will allow insights to be saved anywhere across the platform.

Benefits: You can save and share insights with your team from Competitor Discovery, Market Intelligence, Page Diagnostics etc.

Download charts (png, csv, svg)

We noticed many of our customers were moving data from the Pi Platform into Excel, compiling customer reports or performing extra analysis here. Pi offers a number of CSV exporting options for tables, but there aren’t currently options to export charts.

So we’re adding CSV and PNG exports on all charts within the platform, allowing you to export the compiled data that creates each chart.

Benefits: You will have even more options to share your insights in your business

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Tool upgrades SERP Features

Search Engines are rapidly expanding what they return, with new SERP features added each week! Within the context of this new landscape, it can be hard to know the true position of your content.

Pi can currently show you the complete landscape of returning SERP features monthly, weekly, daily and two-hourly. You can assess the makeup of your online market, analyse your own performance and pinpoint rich features to target.

However, we know that understanding SERP features is essential to your online strategy, so we’re upgrading a few key tools to give you even more rich feature analysis.

Pi Mi/ Competitor Discovery/ Visibility Index

At present, Pi users can only analyse their performance in the rich features when exploring the SERP feature tools – they are unable to report on their performance progress.

With this in mind, Pi has extended its analytical scope for the Share of Voice, Competitor Discovery, and Visibility Index tools to allow for SERP feature performance benchmarking.

Benefits: You’ll be able to toggle between classic and Hyper Graph data to report on your full visibility across the complete SERP landscape.

All digital needs to be integrated!

Data is the most useful when it’s brought together, telling the full story!

More for Pi Sync

Our new BI integration capabilities, Pi Sync, currently only translates position data to your BI tools.

We’re now adding functionality for Market Intelligence share of voice data and search volume to be integrated via Pi Sync.

Benefits: Removing middleware and setup costs, integrating search data easily to your BI tools.


If you have any feedback on the above projects, or ideas on what you’d like to see in Pi, you can add them to our product roadmap here.

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