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Pi’s Market Leaders: Fashion UK

01 Aug 2018|2 MIN READ

In July, we at Pi revealed our new quarterly Market Leaders. The fashion UK leaderboard presents the Top 12 performers in a specific market and shows their movement since the previous quarter.

Fashion is a particularly prosperous and highly competitive market in the UK, so being able to see quarterly leaderboards for this market can be hugely beneficial for fashion retailers. To bring even more value to these leaderboards, we have released complementary downloadable reports for each market, detailing further sector insights.

Who dominates the UK fashion market this quarter?

Throughout Q2, there has been fierce competition between Next and New Look for the top position, though New Look took the win with a 7.81% share of voice at the end of the quarter.

The market was categorised into womenswear, menswear and non-gender specific. Womenswear was the dominating category, with only five of the top 20 performing better for menswear than women’s.

Interestingly, two marketplaces (Asos and Amazon) reached the top 20 and performed almost equally across each category.

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What is the value of search in the UK fashion market?

Our fashion Market Leader report also includes Organic Value over time, generated from Pi’s very own Market Intelligence platform. This demonstrates the dominance of Womenswear over the other categories across (at least) the last four years.

During Q2, the value of womenswear was on a steep upward trajectory, reaching an impressive value of 34k by the end of May. However, compared to May 2017 data, this was 9.6% down.

As of May 2018, menswear remained the lowest value category. Surprisingly, womenswear seems to be the only category increasing in value during Q2, whereas the remaining categories don’t noticeably change in value.

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This is only a taster of the many insights included in our Q2 market-specific reports. If you would like to see the breakdown of brand performance in greater detail throughout the quarter, then download our Q2 Fashion UK report.

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Alternatively, get in touch to book a demo of the software fuelling Market Leaders, or commission your own bespoke report.

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