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LeoVegas use Pi Mi reports to purchase market leaders Rocket X

29 May 2018|3 MIN READ

Lauren Polkey is the SEO Off-Page Specialist for LeoVegas, a leader in mobile gambling. Lauren tells us of how Pi Market Intelligence reports supported LeoVegas’ UK expansion strategy, aided in their acquisition of Rocket X, and helped them to become market leaders in a hugely competitive landscape.

Pi Mi reports give top-level organic search insight into a brands' performance, opportunity and potential in any market. Pi provided LeoVegas with insight into share of voice, search trends, and revenue opportunity for fuelling their acquisition strategy.

Here's LeoVegas' story, in their own words...


Looking for an organic search solution:
At LeoVegas, we wanted one solution, combining a variety of different insights, in order to analyse:

  • New acquisition opportunities
  • Our performance in our organic search market
  • Our competitors performance
  • Our sites’ level of optimisation

The aim:

  • Growth and development
  • To become the market leader in mobile gaming

We wanted an easy and digestible format to aid analysis and interpretations of our organic data, in order to further our growth.

Key objectives when commissioning Pi Mi reports:
Our objective stemmed from wanting a more comprehensive and holistic overview of data, by combining our internal data (from departments such as BI and Acquisition) with PiMi’s data, to make better informed decisions moving forward. We were especially interested in the report for:

  • Scouting for new opportunities
  • Analysing competitors
  • Gaining insight to keywords & traffic
  • Utilising Pi insights for decision making


Pi Mi reports dictate our strategy:
They provide a more directed focus within the vast, ever-competitive nature of the casino landscape. We are able to optimise our strategies with this in mind:

  • Utilising insights that we can apply to our upcoming strategies.
  • Proved very useful within our Affiliates departments as it enabled the use of organic data in terms of further acquisition, and helped synergise SEO with other departments within the companies.
  • Not only SoV of the competitor, but also valuable insight into keyword volume and Organic Value Score to understand trends, and the value behind certain opportunities.

Decisions made from the report insights:

  • The acquisition of Rocket X - the market leader in the UK
  • Technical optimisation of our content in current and new markets
  • Supporting the Acquisition team in arguing for opportunities, with insights into the strongest industry performers.

Thanks to Pi’s ingenious Pi Mi reports, we’re not focusing as much on manual work, and instead focusing on analysing our data effectively to identify the key players in the market at a much faster rate.

We analysed our top 10 competitors and developed a strategy in terms of context, technical and off-page SEO when either tackling a new market, or gaining more market share in an existing market.

Opportunities discovered as a result of the Pi Mi reports:

  • We identified new markets based on both value and competition in said potential markets.
  • We have been very open with the reports within the team, in order to make sure that all the individuals involved are aware, furthermore we give the reports to individuals involved in different departments. In fact the reports are shared all the way from ourselves in the SEO team to the CEO and C Level management.
  • We provided the reports to our Affiliates team, which they incorporated in their acquisition strategy moving forward.
  • One of the key factors which led to our acquisition of Rocket X, was Pi Mi’s ‘Share of voice’ data.

Visibility of reports:
We have been very open with the reports within our team, and give them to individuals involved in different departments. In fact the reports are shared all the way from ourselves in the SEO team, to the CEO and c-level management.

Teams with visibility over PiMi reports:

  • SEO
  • BI
  • Affiliates
  • New Markets
  • Acquisition
  • Marketing

Decisions made based on these reports:
The SEO team are usually the driving force, however a number of departments are involved whenever possible, as we believe in working towards a common goal - making LeoVegas Mobile Casino the leaders of mobile gaming #TeamLeo


Using other Pi software in tandem with the reports:
We use Pi's SEO software on a daily basis, alongside our Pi Mi reports, for markets we are currently established in.


Pi Mi helped achieve our objectives:
It was essential to our decision making, and brought unique insights to our attention.

Positive (%) uplift in share or value as a result of Pi Mi reports:
Following the acquisition of Rocket X, based on the first month figures:

  • 13% online market share growth
  • €4m revenue uplift
  • 18+ sites acquired

The future of search within our business:
Our primary focus is the possibility of new markets and acquisitions, whilst also optimising Affiliation, to ensure we are gaining all possible, valuable organic traffic.

What the team say:

"The hardest aspect of SEO is presenting the huge amount of data we have at our fingertips in an easy, digestible format. With the help of Pi Mi reports, we have just that, and now not only members of the SEO team understand the inner working of organic data and its importance, but everyone involved. Its an absolute pleasure presenting these kind of reports to other departments, including ones without an SEO background. This is exactly what's made Pi Mi Reports an integral tool in our process."

Lauren Polkey
SEO Off-Page Specialist at LeoVegas
LeoVegas | Gambling | B2C | Global


"Pi Mi reports have a secret ingredient: Organic Value Score. This gave us complete clarity over commercial opportunity, and was critical in our acquisition of Rocket X."

Mattias Bergehed
Head of SEO
LeoVegas | Gambling | B2C | Global


"Pi Mi reports are shared all the way from the SEO team to the CEO and C Level management."

Vidar Hwang
SEO Off-Page Specialist
LeoVegas | Gambling | B2C | Global


Download the full LeoVegas + Pi Datametrics case study here.

Commission a bespoke report and see what Pi Market Intelligence could do for you.

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