New AdWords CPC Format in Pi

AdWords: New CPC Format

You may not know but Google’s Keyword Planner has a new format and interface that was released last year. Last week it discontinued the old Keyword Planner on our account, so we were forced to switch.

With the new interface, it has provided a new Cost-Per-Click metric. Rather than the suggested bid that always appeared to be an average of what most advertisers would pay, it now presents the CPC as a top of the page low bid and a top of the page high bid.

The updated CPC metrics appear to be a little more accurate and reflective of the commercial impact of the search terms.

Impacts within Pi

We will be collecting both the low and high CPC bids and you’ll be able to find them in Position Explorer Table ‘columns’ selection.

Furthermore, our Organic Value Score that drives Market Intelligence will be slightly impacted as CPC is part of the algorithm. We’re taking the middle of the low and high CPCs to help calculate the organic value.

Largely, this will not impact many Mi’s overall outputs, however, they will all showcase a slightly more accurate reflection of the market.

When is this happening?

All new search terms added to the system from last week are currently collecting the low and high CPCs. Mid next month we will have the entire search term base refreshed with the new data.

Position Explorer and Market Intelligence will have new formats over the next few weeks.


Of course, if you have any questions about this change don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Support team or your Customer Success Manager.