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Pi’s Market Leaders: Flights US

07 Aug 2018

Every quarter, we are updating Market Leaders across the US flights industry. The US aviation market is currently the largest in the world, with over 1,070 million departing seats in 2017. If companies want to get their share of seat sales, it’s imperative they perform well online and keep an eye on the competition.

Who finished the quarter top for the US flights market?

If we look at share of voice over the whole of Q2, the top 5 positions did not change. Kayak finished the quarter with the greatest share of voice, at 23.3%, and performs best for both domestic and international flights respectively.

Six airlines perform within the top 20 but none break into the top 10, and all have a very small share of voice (not even 1%) when compared to the giants of Kayak and Expedia. In fact the top 20 is predominantly made up of aggregators, with Skyscanner appearing twice, achieving a combined share of voice of 7.6%.


What is the value of domestic and international flights?

The top 11 market leaders all perform better for domestic flights, and if we look at the organic value of these terms overall in search, domestic flights are drastically more valuable than international flights - 128% more by May 2018.


Both domestic and international flights have grown over the last three years, with domestic flights increasing by 33% from April 2017 to April 2018.

Both search term categories peak each January. Interestingly, there is an emerging trend in March that can be seen from 2016 - 2018; with March 2018 seeing a spike that was 3.7% greater than that of January 2018 - the original month of peak demand for domestic flights.

For a more detailed look at the aviation market in the US throughout Q2, you can download our free US Flights leaderboard report.

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