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This market leading enterprise SEO platform offers greater levels of data, deeper analysis and complete clarity to organic performance.


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Enterprise SEO Platform

Pi’s SEO Platform is a bespoke and scalable enterprise solution, supporting your SEO strategy with data supplied over the course of hours, days, weeks or months.

The Pi Platform gives complete clarity to your digital performance, with the biggest scope of data on the market. The enterprise-level SEO Platform is built entirely to facilitate operational empowerment and serve your specific business needs. Pi’s SEO Platform is a full-featured, one-stop platform that enables you to optimise your content, mitigate risk and report your wins.

The global data you want to see in your SEO platform, everyday

Unlimited domain tracking


SEO Reporting


Daily weekly or monthly tracking

historical volume data

An enterprise SEO platform built for you

More depth, more data, more analysis

Optimise your content, report your wins and develop a wider SEO analysis strategy, with a full-featured, one-stop enterprise SEO platform.

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Pi's enterprise SEO platform workspace overview
Pi's SEO platforms competitor analysis

SEO competitor analysis

Unlimited competitors, unlimited locations, unlimited access

Track any global competitor, at the frequency of your choice with our competitor analysis tool.

And now, crawl your entire site via our partner software, Deepcrawl. With unlimited data you can build unlimited value.


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Pi's SEO platforms competitor analysis

Start conversations

Comment, subscribe, share

Build tactics, manage workflow and stimulate insight sharing across departments. Involve the right people to move things forward.

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Helena Golby

Digital Manager, Condé Nast

"I couldn't do my job without Pi's SEO platform - it helps me optimise all my articles and get better results."

Digital team | Publishing | B2C | UK

Lucie Beer

Digital Consultant, Sagittarius

"Pi is a great SEO tool, it helps us understand how our clients websites are performing and generates some golden insights"

Digital team | Agency | B2B | UK

Paul Carter

Content Manager, Waterstones

"Pi’s SEO platform reinvented our approach to search. We now have the analysis to effectively monitor our rankings, and improve decision making."

Content team | Retail | B2C | Europe

Julian Pettit

SEO Manager, John Lewis

"Out of all enterprise SEO platforms, Pi is the only one that can be used by every team, from Information Architecture to Content and Market Analysis."

Digital team | Retail | B2C | UK

SEO conflict sorted

Diagnose, analyse, implement

Pi offers the best cannibalisation tracking and SEO analysis on the market. Use 2-hourly, daily, weekly or monthly tracking to efficiently identify one of the main issues behind erratic performance.

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The Pi PlatformSEO Platforms conflict detector
Google Analytics

Prove your value

Report on a goldmine of intelligence

Contextualise success, demystify SEO analysis and increase the influence of search in your business, with commercial and SEO reporting proofpoints and seamless analytic integration.

Get unquestionable insight

Google Analytics

How can Pi's SEO platform work for you?

We work with a range of teams, across all different industries.

Here’s just a few examples of what Pi’s enterprise SEO platform enables them to do.

See how Pi Platform could work for you


Product strategy

A high-profile football club track and optimise visibility across key Hospitality and Events product ranges, using the Pi Platform. Pi Analyst Sessions shape their growth strategy.


Crisis management

Following a cynical review on Which? Magazine, a major Telco company used Pi Rapid Tracking to view negative press on page one of Google every two hours, to inform their future crisis management strategy.

A bit more about SEO Platforms….

Why do you need an SEO Platform?

Pi’s SEO platform wins customers over time and time again due to its superior data, enterprise level features, and second-to-none customer support. No other SEO platform offers the frequency, depth, and breadth of data we do, enabling you to knock your competitors out of those top spots in the SERPs.

How can I improve my SEO ranking?

There are hundreds of ways to improve your SEO ranking, but a tried-and-tested formula for doing so is discovering suboptimal performance, understanding why you are underperforming and finally making the right fixes to boost that ranking. Pi Datametrics supports every part of that process.

Optimise strategy in every area of search

Optimise your performance...

…with Pi’s enterprise SEO platform.

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A bit more about SEO Platforms...

What is an SEO Platform? An SEO platform provides a powerful way to manage your search strategy, bringing together monitoring and reporting tools in one place.

Pi’s Enterprise SEO Platform allows you to:

  • Assess organic performance on any given day.
  • Mitigate the risk of keyword cannibalisation as soon as it occurs.
  • Get complete clarity over your digital performance, and discover the biggest scope of daily data on the market.
  • Assess organic performance on any given day
  • Contextualize success with commercial reporting integration
  • Know what’s next with content performance recommendations
  • Demystify search with daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Know your content’s value with CPC, competition and volume data
  • Drive your performance

There are plenty of SEO tools, which tend to be focused on just one or two areas of search strategy, such as backlink analysis or keyword research. In contrast, SEO platforms offer a wide range of functions.

In addition, SEO platforms designed for enterprise use don’t have the same restrictions on things like keyword volume, so they can grow with the company’s requirements.

The best SEO platforms will allow you to monitor your site’s SEO strategy, alert you to problems such as cannibalisation, identify areas for improvement, and allow you to report and share insights within your business.

Key features of SEO platforms:

  • Tracking search visibility. Tracking the rankings of your content day to day allows you to record successes and identify dips in ranking.
  • Competitor analysis. Evaluate other players in your target market, identify key competitors and use this to improve your own strategy.
  • Identifying SEO conflict. Issues such as content keyword cannibalisation can harm search visibility. Platforms like Pi allow you to identify these issues and implement fixes.
  • Reporting tools. SEO and content insights can be shared around the business, making collaboration between teams easy, and helping to prove the value of search and improve overall business performance.
  • A wealth of data. A platform that allows you to access and learn from historical data, and across a broad range of sectors and categories.
  • Customisation. The ability to customise projects allows you to tailor insights and reporting to your specific needs.
  • Insight sharing. Save charts, share and collaborate with team members to create benchmarks of performance.
  • Recommended improvements. Great platforms can help you to improve search visibility by identifying quick wins.
  • Customer support. A good platform will provide the support necessary to extract full value from the tools on offer, and quickly solve any issues.

The best SEO platforms allow you to manage your search and content strategy effectively, offering great insights and reporting tools.

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