Why you shouldn’t use automated content over humans for business

If you hadn’t seen it I wrote a piece recently about Tesco’s dominance in SEO. All very good, yes.

Then i came across this site that had seemed to swipe the content from the Econsultancy site but change the words so as they are not penalised for duplicate content. An old trick which almost always never works, and by the time you have done it you may as well have written the piece yourself.

Here is the original snippet piece on Econsultancy.

The Original Content


Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 16.46.32


And here is the piece that was put onto a company’s site called ElectronicStaff dot com – (who state that “No matter what kind of page you are looking for, long copy; multi; ecommerce; mobile; or promo. We can create it and give you a unique, professional looking design” – the grammar is their own.)

The Automated Content

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 16.45.32


I particularly like how they change the word “dominate” into “browbeat”, “search” into “hunt” and “dark store” into “dim store”. I

The Lesson:

In light of the Google Panda updates this type of activity is just a complete waste of time and will infact both get the site penalised or annoy the user. So don’t try and trick Google by putting up worthless pages then changing some of the words taken from a computerised thesaurus. Spend less time making 1000s of pages and make a few high quality ones instead.

In short: Don’t use automated content, especially not for business.