5 million searches in 2018 for South East jobs – SEO for Recruitment Agencies

Pi has analysed the online job search market from a dataset of 4k+ search terms and discovered that regional based job searches amount to 19m per year, that’s an astonishing 1.6m per month, all from a comparatively small dataset.

Recruitment SEO stats Highlights:

  • South East England is the largest area for regional based searches
  • The North West is second with over 4m searches a year
  • Sales and business developments jobs top our list of specific job title searches


At a time of record employment figures in the UK, job seekers from all levels are doing their research and can be in a position to choose their ideal jobs. Recruitment businesses therefore need to be found, and SEO for recruitment is the most cost effective way of doing this.

Using our Market Intelligence tool we took an in depth look at SEO for recruitment agencies across a sample selection of recruitment terms, including job types and job location, to answer the questions:

  • Which UK regions are most sought after for jobs?
  • Which jobs types are the most searched?
  • Who has the largest share of voice for job searches online?

Searches for jobs in the South East reaches 577k in volume

‘Jobs in “location”’ UK search volume 2016 – 2018

‘Jobs in “location”’ UK search volume 2016 - 2018

In January 2018 search volume for positions in the South East of England peaked at 577k.

Whether its people already living there or those looking to move down south, the South East job market is in high demand with the largest search volume over the last 3 years.

This is followed by the North West and the East Midlands – London is way down in 6th place for search volume. However, this isn’t so strange as these regions may have a number of big cities within their borders that can easily rival London’s professional allure. It may also be the plethora of jobs advertised in the London means searchers have no need to input the location – London based jobs will inevitably appear when searching by job types.

Search volume across 2018 by region

South East – 5.328m
North West – 4.065m
East Midlands – 3.442m
Wales – 1.945m
Scotland – 1.920m
London – 1.614m
North East – 959k
Northern Ireland – 212k

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‘Sales’ roles the most searched in the UK

‘Job type’ UK search volume 2016 – 2018

‘Job type’ UK search volume 2016 - 2018

It’s unsurprising that each January searches for each job type peaks – the new year encouraging people to finally go after that dream job.

The most searched job roles online are Sales positions, although searches have been steadily declining over the last three years; between January 2016 to January 2018 search volume fell by 2.9k.

With this knowledge, recruitment agencies can target their SEO efforts towards the most popular job searches.

Indeed.com increased share of voice by 21%

Recruitment share of voice Oct 2016 – Mar 2018

Recruitment share of voice Oct 2016 - Mar 2018

Indeed have seen huge growth in share of voice, completely breaking away from its competitor sites, increasing by 21% from March 2017 to March 2019!

Reed ended 2016 neck and neck with Indeed and even saw some impressive increase in 2017, but were unable to sustain that growth and declined in the first months of 2018.

It seems that Indeed currently have an online monopoly – can search data be used to rival their success?

Using SEO for job postings

Having this insight into what jobs the public is searching for online is invaluable SEO insight for recruitment agencies – ensuring they are optimised for the most popular searches and are serving the correct content at the right time of year to perform well online and ultimately win custom.

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