Prezzybox’s Christmas success with Pi Datametrics

05 Dec 2017|2 MIN READ

Written by: Harry Higgins, Marketing Assistant at Prezzybox

"Prezzybox is an online gift retailer based in a farmhouse in rural Warwickshire. Established in 2000, we have cemented ourselves within the online gift space, alongside competitors such as, and At Prezzybox, we value happiness above all else, and this translates to everything we do. Ultimately, we pass on the happiness to our customers!

As with many other areas of retail, but especially in the gifts sector, Christmas really is everything for us. Our organic traffic is pivotal to our performance, and we don’t want to lose that. As such, it’s important to know in the run-up to Christmas that we’re on target and appearing in the best positions for all the highest volume search terms. Without a platform like Pi, frankly, we’d be taking shots in the dark.

By structuring our Pi account in a way that allows us to drill-down into every aspect of our business, with a special focus on Christmas, we can make sure that there aren’t any major problems with any of our flagship pages. Working with Danny, our account analyst at Pi, we can identify any issues and determine a strategy to rectify and improve our SEO efforts, to ensure we’re sitting at the top of the search results page, ready to welcome people to our site.

Prezzybox's performance for 'Christmas' searches

Prezzybox organic performance 1
Above is our performance index for overall ranking in our 'Christmas' workspace, for all 'Christmas' content. As is shown in the chart, Prezzybox sits a comfortable amount above our competitors for the search terms tracked in this workspace.

'Christmas' performance in 2016

Date range: 01/10/16 - 31/12/16

Prezzybox organic performance 2

Overall landing page uplift

Yellow: 'Stocking fillers' - position 2 up to 1
Blue: 'Mens Christmas gifts' - position 4 up to 2
Green: 'Christmas toys' - position 62 up to 7
Purple: 'Christmas presents' - position 2 up to 1

Landing page uplift: Stocking fillers

Prezzybox organic performance 3
Yellow: 'Stocking fillers' - Hit position 1 on 18 November 2016

Our organic entrances to our 'Stocking fillers' landing page went from 13,145 (5/10/16 - 17/11/16) to 31,732 (18/11/16 - 31/12/16) after hitting position 1 in the search results; an increase of 141.40%.

Site-wide uplift: Stocking fillers

The sites' average uplift over the same period was 118.95%, meaning that our 'Stocking fillers' page was our best performing page.

Landing page uplift: Mens Christmas gifts

Prezzybox organic performance 4

Blue: 'Mens Christmas gifts' - Hit position 2 consistently on 23 Nov 2016

From the point that this term hit its highest position, through to the end of the year, we had 98,914 organic entrances. Compared to the same period prior to this, this was a 133.28% uplift.

Site-wide uplift: Mens Christmas gifts

Over the same date range, the overall site on average saw an 88.66% uplift. Once again, this showed us that this page was performing really well as a result of its organic position.

Landing page uplift: Christmas toys

Prezzybox organic performance 5

Green: 'Christmas toys' - Entered top 10 on 3 Oct 2016

Previously, this page was ranked in the mid 60s position, so tracking this term and monitoring its progress allowed us to identify a problem, implement a solution and track our progress. Over Christmas this relatively new category managed to garner 800 organic entrances.

Landing page uplift: Christmas presents

Prezzybox organic performance 6

Performance for this flagship term is relatively stable at position 1. Having the ability to track if it falls, and diagnosing why, is very important to us as a business. If something is impacting our organic traffic and ultimately our revenue, we want to know why and how we can fix it. Pi is a really important tool for us to be able to do this and do it well."


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