Pi Datametrics New Update – Version 1.7

Search Volume, CPC, and Competition Data added to Pi

We‘re pleased to announce the addition of “Market Data” – i.e. Search Term Volume, CPC and Competition Values, as a new feature of Pi Datametrics enterprise SEO platform.

This means that you can now organise all of your search terms (sorted ascending/descending) based on their Search Volume, CPC, and Competition values, rather than simply by Date Range, Returning URL or Position Movement in Google.

Pi Datametrics - 1.7 Update

Pi Datametrics 1.7 update – New search volume CPC and competition value Market Data

Search Volume: Search Volume refers to the average amount of searches in a month for a specified search term in Google

CPC: This refers to the Cost-Per-Click or the highest current bid value for a search term in relation to PPC positions.

Competition Values: This is a percentage which reflects how popular or competitive a given search term is, based on its search volume and CPC. The higher the percentage, the more difficult it is to rank for the search term.


Our new update is available via our Position Explorer Table application, and shows monthly country level AdWord data for Search Volumes, CPC and Competition.

While these values are typical PPC metrics, you can use this information to assess the relative strength of your search terms.

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