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Identify the quickest wins with Pi’s Estimated Revenue Opportunity data

31 Oct 2023|2 MIN READ

Know where to prioritize your efforts with Pi’s Estimated Revenue Opportunity tool – identify content that is positioned just outside the conversion zone for the quickest SEO wins.

Manually sorting through your keyword universe to categorize search terms and then working out how much value they drive from the market will take time you often don’t have spare.

Not only is this an extremely long manual process, but how do you know where to focus your efforts next? Where will you get the most amount of revenue from to generate ROI?

That’s where Pi’s Estimated Revenue Opportunity data can help!

Uncover the right opportunities for the highest reward

Whether your content team is looking for inspiration for their next campaign or you’re wondering where your team should focus their subsequent efforts to hit targets, Pi’s Estimated Revenue Opportunity tool was built to help you prioritize for the greatest reward.

Utilizing Average Order Value (AOV) data and Conversion Rate data, Pi’s Estimated Revenue Opportunity tool allows you to see the estimated value of your search term categories quickly (no manual data sorting needed)!

The tool estimates the Organic Revenue a particular search term category is driving (based on the terms that are positioned 1 – 10), the category’s Target Revenue (potential organic revenue based on terms that are positioned 11 – 30), and the overall Market Opportunity (based on terms in position 31+) for your selected search term categories.

Target Revenue demonstrates the extra revenue you could drive by optimizing the content currently sitting on pages two and three (positions 11 – 30) to sit on page one (positions 1 – 10).

Think of this as ‘low-hanging fruit’ – this content will require less time and effort to optimize, but it’ll bring in the highest monetary reward once you get it to page one.

Data-driven business decisions

Stop making assumptions – with Estimated Revenue Opportunity data you can now confidently report back to senior management.

“Their reports help make data-driven decisions and drive more organic revenue based on opportunity.”

Save your Estimated Revenue Opportunity data as an insight so you can quickly see the impact of the work you do and how this has generated more revenue in those categories – great insights to include in your monthly or quarterly reports to the wider business.

Demonstrate to senior management the benefits of investing more budget or time into a particular category and how this can help generate more revenue.

Check the data weekly, monthly, or quarterly to help focus your time and attention – you might see more target opportunities across different categories depending on the time of year or what’s happening in the world that might be influencing what your target audience is searching for online.

When asked what they liked best about Pi’s Search Intelligence Platform, customers stated:

“The commercial value reports that compile every term to pinpoint which keywords should be prioritized for review/optimization to convert and bring more revenue.”

Interested in seeing Pi’s Estimated Revenue Opportunity tool in action for yourself? Get in touch with the team to book your demo!

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