Pi Datametrics product update: Close variant keywords

The Pi platform now features ‘Close variant’ information within the ‘Market data’ column of your Position Explorer Table.

This update helps you unearth the volume of your search terms, and their variant counterparts.

What is a close variant?

This is either a plural version of your query (e.g. ‘Mobile phone’ vs ‘Mobile phones’), or a keyword phrase with a similar theme or composition (e.g. ‘SEO’ vs ‘Search engine optimization’).

Why are ‘Close variants’ useful to me?

This update gives you a more complete view of your search term volumes.

Close variant keyword update

How does it work?

The ‘Search volume’ column of your keyword will continue to populate the correct and most recent monthly Adword volumes.

However, a warning triangle will now appear beside the volume of any close variant keyword.

Simply hover over this triangle to discover its ‘Root search term’, via a pop-up tool tip.

Fancy a chat?

Get in touch with our Support team to discuss your ‘Close variant’ update. They’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.