Search data when you want it

Capture your performance with daily, weekly, monthly or two hourly SEO tracking frequencies

No other platform in the world gives you this versatility…

2 hour rank tracking

Daily rank tracking

Weekly rank tracking

Monthly rank tracking

SEO tracking for every objective

At Pi, we know that you have multiple objectives when it comes to tracking your content and discovering new opportunities.

That’s why we’ve launched four SEO tracking frequencies, to give you the accuracy and efficiency your strategy and your budget demand.

Get data for every objective

Pi Datametrics four SEO tracking frequencies
Pi Datametrics SEO tracking efficiency

Complete control and efficiency

The right frequency for the right objectives

Logical, cost-effective data SEO tracking to match your objective. You can mix and choose which tracking frequency best fits the analysis you need for different groups of terms, anywhere in the world.

Get tracking

Pi Datametrics SEO tracking efficiency

Full business visibility

From strategy to execution

Whether you’re tracking daily insight for identifying cannibalisation, or monthly views for top-level Market Intelligence, get total visibility of your flagship searches and discover new opportunities.

Beta user

Digital Marketing Manager,


“With our hero terms taken care of daily, we also have a wider view of the landscape using weekly and monthly SEO tracking, meaning we are able to identify new market opportunities and get the most out of our data!”

Get total visibility

Pi Datametrics share of voice chart
Pi Datametrics tracking efficiency

Total strategic flexibility

When your strategic focus shifts, rearrange your tracking easily

Our four different SEO tracking frequencies can be rearranged whenever you want, giving greater flexibility to your SEO data.

Get greater flexibility

Pi Datametrics tracking efficiency

Daily, Weekly and Monthly decision making power

No other search solution provides the depth of daily tracking that Pi does.

Our daily, weekly, monthly, and 2 hourly SEO tracking means we are the only enterprise search solution with the flexibility of four tracking frequencies.

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