Work From Home Retail Takeover Webinar

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Retail Takeover Webinar

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We’re approaching what is traditionally, without doubt, the most crucial trading period for most retailers, with Q4 generally seeing a 30% to 50% rise in sales. But as we know, this year is different.

On Friday 30th October, we hosted a special ‘Work From Home’ episode, specifically focussed on Retail. Pi’s Head of Marketing, Sophie Moule discussed ‘A year in retail so far’ with guests Ian Jindal, and Roman Sadowski.

Watch the webinar to discover:

  • The key retail stats this year across multiple categories
  • Expert predictions for trading and ecommerce over Q4
  • Which retailers have reacted well to ever-changing circumstances
  • Top tips on what retail businesses can do now, to set themselves up for success for the rest of the year

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Watch the webinar