The best of Brighton SEO 2015. Our CTO’s talk on the four types of conflict

16 Apr 2015|4 MIN READ

Over 2000 digital marketers travelled to Brighton last week for the world famous, BrightonSEO, the UK’s biggest and best search marketing conference. Brighton SEO is attended by a collective of agencies, in-house marketing teams and business owners.

Pi Datametrics where premium sponsors at the event

Our CTO Jon Earnshaw gave a fantastic talk at 11:45am in the Dome Concert Hall. Jon discussed the four types of cannibalisation and how to spot it using our SEO platform Pi Datametrics.

    1. Internal Cannibalisation
    2. Subdomain SEO Conflict
    3. International Conflict
    4. Semantic Flux

Jon used a number of examples to explain cannibalisation in all its forms. He used charts from our SEO platform to show well-known brands being effected by cannibalisation.

Internal Cannibalization six examples were used:
Example 1: Easy Jet search term flights to Liverpool
Example 2: Argos search term iPad price
Example 3: Debenhams search term living room furniture
Example 4: Sporting Life search term Grand National betting
Example 5: Suspicious flux followed by decline. Barclays search term compare current accounts
Example 6: House of Fraser search term loafers

Jon Earnshaw talking about cannibalisation

Jon Earnshaw talking about cannibalisation

Subdomain SEO Conflict three examples where used:
Example 1: “I’ve dropped off page one!” www. and search term mobile phone upgrade
Example 2: and search term latest mobile phones
Example 3: Don’t ignore the subtle flux. and search term personal accounts

International Conflict one example was used
Example 1: Hotels Combined and .com competing with each other search term hotels in New York

Semantic Flux three examples where used
Example 1: Currys and PC World search term Apple iPad with retina
Example 2: PC World and Currys search term printer ink
Example 3: Yorkshire bank online and Clydesdale online search term switching current accounts

Watch Jon's talk from Brighton SEO 2015 about cannibalisation now

If you didn't get the opportunity to see Jon’s talk at Brighton SEO here's the video:
Also here's the slide share presentation:
Jon’s talk created a lot of buzz on social media with 100s of people tweeting Pi Datametrics and Jon Earnshaw about how insightful his presentation was.

Here’s our favourite tweets from the day:





The world famous Brighton SEO search conference

Brighton SEO 2015 search conference

Brighton SEO talk

Jon Earnshaw's talk at Brighton SEO 2015


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