Podcast | Elevate Search: talking voice search with Jon Earnshaw

Communicating the value of search intelligence for the whole business can be difficult. We know as well as any just how laborious that task can be, but we also know how essential and insightful search can be for informing the strategy of all teams.

We’re excited to introduce the Elevate Search podcast, the show dedicated to sharing and exploring the transformative benefits of search intelligence. As well as discussing the hot topics surrounding search, we’ll also welcome some well known names in the digital world to share their expertise.

Talking voice search with Jon Earnshaw

In our first ever Elevate Search podcast, we’ll be discussing the opportunity in voice search with our CTO Jon Earnshaw.

Using new research from the University of Hertfordshire, we’ll explore:

  • The types of audiences already using it
  • The future of voice search
  • How to optimise your content for voice search
  • Voice search shopping, just how important is it?

If you’d like further insight into voice search, you can download our voice search SEO report here.


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