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Another update? December 2016

19 Dec 2016|3 MIN READ

As always @rustybrick from Search Engine Land has the recent Google algorithm update flux well documented. It seems that Google are keen to catch us out, because they always seem to roll-out their updates while we are otherwise engaged; the last major update (Penguin 4.0) occurred during Brighton SEO, and this time Google tweaked the SERPs while we were busy getting - ahem - merry at the Pi Datametrics Christmas party. Very cunning indeed.


Google December 15th algorithm update - the SEO weather reports of doom!

We've been doing our research and surfing through the industry flux displayed by SEO weather forecasts. It seems there was a definite surge in SERP activity on December 15th.

Google December 15th algorithm update - Algoroo weather reportGoogle December 15th algorithm update - Mozcast weather reportGoogle December 15th algorithm update - SERPmetrics weather report

BBC stage site being indexed in SERPs

We read of the possible update first thing this morning and simultaneously spotted this fairly unusual sight in the SERPs. The BBC stage website was being indexed in Google for the world to see... Could this have anything to do with Google's December 15th algorithm update?



Google December 15th algorithm update? No flux spotted so far at Pi HQ

We've looked through a handful of sectors to see whether there's been any drastic flux, and we're not seeing a whole lot of movement as yet...


Major news and media sites seemingly unaffected by Google December algorithm update

Google algorithm update - 15th December - No flux in news and media

This Visibility Index assigns a performance score to each site (out of 100 - 100 being position one, page one), and measures its visibility and position movement over time. As we can see, the charted line is stable, and the movement column in the table below displays only low levels of flux which is completely normal. This suggests that the BBC revealing its stage site was just a mishap / coincidence.

We have looked at similar top-level performance across finance and travel, and have also yet to spot any major flux.

We'll remain on high-alert, and be sure to update this blog should anything change.


Have you experienced any performance flux?

As ever, drop us a comment below if you've seen any flux preceding or since Google's supposed 15th December update. We love to hear your thoughts / opinions on what it could be (i.e. Penguin, Panda, Possum?!)


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