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Pi provides a wealth of digital intelligence data to global businesses, in equity, content performance, commerce and brand marketing, allowing them to keep up with fast paced changes in consumer and market demands.

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Our story

The Pi Datametrics platform was established in 2013, but we started collecting search intelligence data inherited from parent company Intelligent Positioning.

The early years…
In Pi’s first year we took on some major FTSE 100, Dow Jones and CAC listed brands, following a successful launch and some Angel funding. Since then we’ve worked with our customers and in R&D to identify what they really needed to be able to make clear-cut data driven decisions. We gradually built-on our enterprise SEO platform and experienced rapid growth. This encouraged investment from Mercia Technologies, which enabled us to focus on more global expansion and allowed up to open offices in the US, Scandinavia and Asia.

In 2017 Pi was selected to take part in an APAC Trade and Business Expansion Mission by and alongside EU which aided our Singapore and Thailand expansion.

2018 onwards…
We then launched Pi Mi, which opened up the search intelligence market for us, appealing to wider audiences from Brand Marketing, Equity, M&A and well beyond just SEO Performance. Also in that year Pi set up a strategic partnership with our friends at Brandwatch, where we feed aspects of our data into their Vizia platform, which is propelled into 1000s of offices globally.

In 2019 we established another strategic partnership with PriceSearcher, allowing us to combine search intelligence with pricing data, thus giving brands and commerce platforms the ability to analyse their pricing strategies.

Now and the Future
Today we continue to develop our product base, with the future looking at growing our data sources and enabling business to understand, and act-on digital equity performance globally.

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We have offices in Brighton, London, New York and Hyderabad

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Louise Merry

Commercial SEO Manager, The Telegraph

“Love Pi. From Sales to Marketing to Support, the enthusiasm of Pi has been the cherry on the top of our partnership!”

Mattias Bergehed

Head of Performance, LeoVegas

“Thanks to Pi Datametrics for a kickass report. We’re in love with the company and software outputs.”

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