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Transform your Brand Strategy with search

How are your marketing and ad campaigns impacting demand for your brand?

Measure search demand to gauge Brand Strategy success, spot trends and boost your share of visibility.

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Connect to the biggest pool of consumer data out there

Over 6 billion searches happen on Google every day, across the globe.

Pi maps and categorises these searches, enabling your brand to identify new opportunities to connect to customers.

This insight is invaluable when it comes to competitor benchmarking, content creation or new product analysis.

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Build your Brand Strategy for the greatest share of visibility

Set global editorial plans and personalise your brand strategy to local markets, with market-specific trend data.

Plan for product launches by identifying authentic advertising partners and key topics, to give you the highest share of voice.

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Plan and prioritise your delivery


Your plans with precision and agility

Implement your content plans with the right timing, and the right content type to maximise performance.

Analyse performance on a daily basis to ensure you are optimising your brand strategy across every touchpoint.

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The Pi PlatformSEO Platforms conflict detector


Performance against meaningful business goals

Promote search data and performance throughout your business.

Connect to your reporting stack through Pi Sync.

Showcase the commercial benefits of reaching your customers through search.

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The Pi PlatformSEO Platforms conflict detector

Inform strategy at every level

How our customers use Pi

At Pi we believe in organisational buy-in, where multiple departments and job roles can see clear KPI value from our content marketing platform or report.

We’re the only search intelligence and SEO platform on the market to offer four tracking frequencies – allowing you to get the breadth and depth of data that’s right for you.

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Sophie Menzies

Hall & Partners

"While we know there is a huge value for our clients in better leveraging search data, without the support from PiDatametrics we would have struggled to untap the opportunity. They have walked us through the basics, trained us on the importance of the metrics and how the platform works, and are always on hand to chat things through."

Brand consultancy I Strategist

Optimise Brand Strategy in every area of search

Optimise your performance...

…with Pi’s enterprise platform.

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