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Commercial Value

Identify the commercial value of a market, and the trends and growth the sector is experiencing

Market Opportunity

Know the scope of any market, and identify growth opportunities in new markets

Consumer Behaviour

Explore consumer trend behaviour and identify demand influence factors

Brand Equity

Know a brand’s organic worth and how they’re positioned

Category Performance

See which brands are best placed and what segment drives the most value and growth

Global Brand Strategy

Identify global leaders and fast growers, then assess their strategies

Plot your strategy

Find direction and prioritise the right content at the right time, with search trend insights captured for you.

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Bespoke MI Reports
Bespoke MI Reports

Inform mergers and acquisitions

Identify your best acquisition opportunities to propel your strategy and market share

Mattias Bergehed

Head of SEO, LeoVegas

Gambling | B2C | Global

Pi Mi reports have a secret ingredient: Organic Value Score. This gave us complete clarity over commercial opportunity, and was critical in our acquisition of Rocket X.

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Bespoke MI Reports

Discover new partnerships

Support big business decisions with data that reveals partnership opportunities across your market.

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Bespoke MI Reports

Share your best source of customer insight with the entire business

Predict your next move as a business with subscribed bespoke reports, or explore performance with standalone snapshot reports.

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