L’Oréal’s digital data opportunity

Chris Fender | Digital Analytics Manager | L’Oréal | 15:10pm – 15:25pm

Chris Fender, Analytics Manager at L’Oreal, kicks off his talk by revealing the scale and complexity of the L’Oreal group. With over 20 brands across 5 divisions, some of which compete with each other, as well as external rivals, the desire to be number 1 “Everywhere!” is relentless.

Chris Fender’s slides:

From search to social and CRM, L’Oreal as a group has to continually balance relevant messages to different brand audiences alongside the group’s ability to over-communicate.

Chris Fender - Brighton SEO talk and slides - L'Oreals digital data opportunity

Prioritising digital KPIs

Digital measurement: As with any large company, L’Oreal has multiple layers of measurement and reporting that can often lead to mixed messages, confusion and missed opportunities. Chris’ primary function is to stop this happening, which sees him working across multiple data-points to uncover insight.

Upskilling in digital: One of the fundamentals L’Oreal requires of their marketers is the ability to utilise the digital tools they invest in. Using software such as Pi Datametrics, Chris is able to identify the best opportunities to exploit, and understand performance to make informed decisions; applying a culture of “Test, learn fast and move on”.

L’Oreal’s 12-month strategy: L’Oreal is continually growing as a group, so the coming year will be very much focussed on ROI, content and the single customer view.

Marketers building long-term strategies like this need to think:

  • How can I get empower my marketing team with their search strategy?
  • What tools do I need to be successful?
  • What can I centralise to take pressure off at key reporting periods?
  • How can I manage spend more effectively?
  • Where do we find the next trend to capitalise on?

The crux of the opportunity in Chris’ eyes is clarity; the better clarity we have, the better control we have, and the better informed we are to make decisions. But the challenge is creating that environment of clarity in a multi-brand company.

Chris Fender’s Brighton SEO takeaways:

- Data discovery demands consistency of inputs
- Digital tools are only as effective as the user using them, so remember to upskill and train
- DJing and data analytics aren’t as far apart as you may think

Chris Fender Digital Analytics Manager, L'Oreal

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