Common mistakes retailers still make in ecommerce

John Ashton | Ecommerce Guru | More2 | 11:45am – 12:00pm

John kicks off by telling us of his 20 years experience, starting in 1998 when he built his first website for the agency Boden.

Below are just a few of the ecommerce pitfalls he’s witnessed and encountered along the way.

John Ashton’s slides:

Being fooled by SEO and PPC jargon

  • SEO language even confuses Boards of Directors
  • We talk a different language to the rest of the company
  • SEO and PPC is hard – it’s a phenomenal asset to be able to support and justify SEO to communicate its value

We need a new website

  • You don’t need a new website (John is quite adamant about this!)
  • Don’t start again and spend millions of pounds – Reinvent your current site and optimise it for conversion

John Ashton - Mor2 - Brighton SEO talk and slides - Common mistakes retailers still make in ecommerce

Not having a content plan

  • Write in the style of your customer
  • Employ qualified people who know how to create engaging content that is relevant to your specific audience

Highly important people’s opinions or HIPOs

  • You can counteract the effect of HIPOs through testing and web analysis software – prove what your customers want, not what your boss may want!

John Ashton’s Brighton SEO quotes:

“It’s hard to kill your babies – It’s the web – kill your babies!” – don’t get overly precious about some of your projects. If it’s not working, you need to let it go.

“Never fear to fail – failure is good. Just never do it again.”

"If the same effort was put into delivering sales as forecasting them, the world would be a better place." John Ashton Ecommerce guru, More2

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