Our commitment to privacy

We think privacy is extremely important…

…that’s why we have drawn up this code of privacy, which we strive to abide by in all of our work, in order to protect the privacy of the public, our clients and our staff:

  • We will treat others’ data as we would treat our own
  • We won’t use your data in a way in which we wouldn’t be happy for our own to be used
  • We will honour the meaning of ‘private’
  • We will not access private, non-public information, including private emails, messages, private profiles, passwords etc.
  • We will be open and transparent
  • We won’t be secretive about the data we collect and how it is used

Our privacy policy for indexed content

Pi Datametrics collects data from across the internet, that is then accessed by brands and organisations by running specific searches. Naturally, this means that we collect and index lots of publicly available data.

We take privacy issues very seriously and work hard to ensure we are following our own ethical code, as well as the relevant data privacy laws.
Below is a shortened version of our privacy policy for indexed content. If you’re looking for our website privacy policy, please click here.

The data we collect

Pi Datametrics collects content from search engines as well as cached data from a wide range of public websites. It is content that is accessible via a standard internet search engine or by visiting the websites themselves.

We never collect or access private data or restricted profiles and do not have the ability to access anyone’s private information – such as email addresses, private message or passwords – on the sites we visit.

How we collect it

Pi Datametrics collects indexed search engine content using proprietary technology, via APIs, or through other third party data providers.

We abide by the terms and conditions of individual sites, meaning that we observe each platform’s privacy requirements and other restrictions, and also comply with websites’ robots.txt protocols.

Pi Datametrics does not circumvent login systems in place to block unauthorised access, nor do we use CAPTCHA technology. We only collect information that is publicly available.

Storing data

We store and make available websites that appear in the top 100 search engine results that match our clients’ search terms, and do not collect and store individuals’ online conversations or content en masse. The indexed content we collect and store includes the positions of websites in selected search engines and publicly available metrics related to retrieved content such as shares, likes and the number of links going to that site.

If an individual wants Pi Datametrics to disclose, amend or remove data pertaining to them, they may request us to do so and we will make every reasonable effort possible to comply, as long as it is a legitimate request and does not affect the privacy or legal rights of another individual.

For the full text of this policy, please click here.