Who’s performing best in SEO for ‘EU Referendum Odds?’

Bookies have declared massive and record breaking amounts of money invested in the outcome of the EU Referendum. Betfair claimed that they have taken more for the EU Referendum than the Grand National, The World Cup or X Factor. So how have the gambling companies fared in the SERPs and have they been bidding on the term in PPC?

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The mere fact that this is a political vote, rather than sport, may suggest that many people gambling on this term could be new betters, so the results in organic search become ever more important.

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How many searches for EU Referendum Odds?

With the run up to the EU referendum vote, the term ‘EU Referendum odds’ is one of the most searched for terms around the referendum. The term was searched on average 1,000 times in November and is now being searched 40,500 times a month. Data is not yet available for June – but one would imagine, with the nearing of the event and the mere fact that the two results were polling very similar figures, the gambling would have increased.




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£41m placed on the EU Referendum Odds Market

According to Betfair, the EU referendum is already the biggest political betting event in history.

Betfair’s Naomi Totten says: “With just three days left until the vote the Betfair market momentum is now all behind Remain, which was backed as low as 1/5 this morning (20th June 2016), with one customer backing it to the tune of £100k.”

This market continues to mimic the pattern of the Scottish Referendum, where historical confidence in the eventual ‘No’ vote slipped slightly ten days before referendum day only to resettle in the week of the vote.”

So, who’s performing best in SEO for ‘EU Referendum Odds?’

With this huge demand, you’d expect the bookies to have pushed their performance in the SERPs.

The top three performers of 1. Odds Checker, 2. Paddy Power, 3. Ladbrokes have shown consistent performance over the last 2 months in Google UK, accruing a vast share of the traffic and clicks.

Top 3 performers


Why have these 3 done so well for EU Referendum Odds?

As you can see from the chart below; beyond the top three performers the other players simply haven’t got their pages sorted over the previous 2 month period. Betfair for example has had 10 separate pages performing for this single, lucrative search term, meaning that it has never taken top position. Others are in and out of the UK SERPs like Yo Yos.

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Who is Bidding on the “EU Referendum Odds” in PPC?

Surprisingly and despite the huge demand, the record breaking investments and the particular adoration gambling companies have for PPC, only one company is bidding on the term ‘EU Referendum odds’.

EU bidding

The Football is obviously going on at the same time – and four companies are bidding and vying for PPC spots on ‘Euro odds’.

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