What is Big Data and the Big Data Revolution?

Big dataAlmost every minute of the day you are adding to the world’s vast reservoir of Big Data, reported the Today programme on BBC Radio 4.

As individuals and organisations we are using more and more data. There is so much data being generated the rewards are huge for the companies that can analyse it all and better predict our buying habits and behaviour. Previously utilising this data would only be available to the biggest companies.

Intelligent Positioning is one of these such companies. We use vast amounts of data everyday to better understand website performance and what it takes to perform well in the search engines for 100,000s of keywords across scores of countries. We are part of this new big data revolution.

What is Big Data?

At the simplest level it is vast amounts of information. Big Data has been around for years, but the revolution that is coming from it is based on cheaper computers and server costs and the ability to better mine the data in a valuable format.

On the Radio 4 Today programme, the BBC Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones reports on how the data consumers create when they buy something, get cash out, visit a website, or communicate via mobile or email, is being used by companies to better predict people’s shopping habits and purchasing behaviour.