We’ve seen success in our SEO, proof that you can too

To prove that we are using the Pi Datametrics SEO Platform to our own advantage here are some results that have proven great success for us. Since the launch of the site (February 2014) we are now above the fold for major SEO terms.

Chart: Position Explorer Chart, Site: Pi Datametrics, Google UK

Pi Datametrics proven success

As you can see from the chart above Pi Datametrics are now appearing on the first page of Google for the following search terms:

  • Best SEO platform
  • Natural search performance
  • Organic search intelligence
  • SEO platform
  • SEO platforms

All the search terms have risen in position and are now successfully appearing on the first page of Google.

What did we do to gain success?

There’s really no secret to successful SEO despite what other companies may say.

We haven’t thrown 1000s of links at the site nor have we spent hours and hours on social media updates and content. We have used the content diagnostics feature on the dashboard to make sure that we are referring to the specified keywords as much as our competitors. Plus we have negated cannibalisation issues by redirecting specific pages, internal linking and re-theming of certain pages.

It wasn’t hard. But there has been great success.

Pi Datametrics website traffic

Pi Traffic

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