UEFA twitter mistake – tweets too early for Manchester United game

UEFA Com Tweet early about the Manchester United versus Marseille game.

What the hell are UEFA up to? Seven hours before the Manchester United versus Marseille Champions league game (15th March 2011), UEFA.com is tweeting the game’s highlights, scores and major instances. The game starts in 3 hours.

Apparently you don’t need to watch the game. It was 3-2 to Manchester United by the 48th minute – a fantastic game – with a goal every minute for the last 4 minutes. (see image below)

So what went wrong with UEFA Twitter?

It looks like someone was testing the Twitter page (or letting their son take the controls) without realising it had gone live. Maybe the guy was going to be in the pub watching Manchester United and so needed to test it out remotely. But why would you need to practice on Twitter? Seems crazy, but then UEFA regularly confuse us with their actions.

But what happens if this is the correct score?

What a mistake to make, how stupid. Plus UEFA have just given themselves a big headache with match fixing issues – it might be worth a bet. Back to the Social Media tactics-board i think.

Thanks to Andy at www.stretford-end.com/blog for telling me about this.

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