Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking sites can be an invaluable way of getting very good traffic and opening the door to new audiences for your brand and site. Predominantly popular with fast moving editorial and newspaper sites, but also extremely rewarding to any site with good content, social bookmarking sites could give over a million hits to the right type of page. Facebook and Google are gaining ground in all areas of the Internet and eating in to Social Bookmarking’s natural territory. But what are the current Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites? Which social bookmarking site gets the most traffic, has the most appropriate worldwide usage and the best split of demographics?

1. Twitter

What is Twitter?
Twitter has fended off the barrage of criticism and competition and looks like it is here to stay for a very long time. It could be argued that Twitter has no right in being in this list. And furthermore if Twitter is here, then why not Facebook?. Twitter is primarily a social networking and micro blogging service, it’s hard to deny that the boundaries between networks and bookmarking sites are blurring. Since the re-tweet button is now every on all sites and the quick nature of how a piece can quickly go viral on Twitter (slightly opposed to Facebook) Twitter is very relevant in this list… Generally Twitter has now got over the initial trough of disillusionment and is now growing at an extremely rapid rate. But it is a shoe-in for number 1 in this list.

Twitter usage and traffic stats


Twitter Alexa Rank: 9
Twitter Quancast Rank: 19
Twitter Monthly Visits – April 2010 (Compete): 147,418,997
Twitter Monthly Visits – September 2010 (Compete): 212,714,166
6 Month percentage Increase/Decrease: 44% Increase
Twitter Alexa demographics:
Gender: Almost 50/50 Male and Female
Worldwide Twitter Usage by country (Percentage of visitors):

  • USA 29.4%
  • Japan 8.0%
  • India 7.5%
  • UK 5.7%
  • Germany 5.3%

2. Digg

What is Digg?
The site’s cornerstone function consists of letting people vote stories up or down, called digging and burying, respectively. Many stories get submitted every day, but only the most Dugg stories by the community appear on the front page. Digg has changed recently with a new set-up and functionality with an obvious push for big partners. This seems to have affected traffic and the randomness of bookmarking. Major partners such as The Daily Telegraph seem to be now giving more prominence to Facebook than its old friend Digg (which used to give it 80k unique visitors a day I was told). Facebook is definitely digging in to the Digg market and there can only be one winner. Despite that Digg remains the biggest and best true social bookmarking site, and to get on its homepage could benefit you to the tune of one million plus hits.

Digg usage and traffic stats

Digg Alexa Rank: 120
Digg Quancast Rank: 61
Digg Monthly Visits – April 2010 (Compete): 67,938,578
Digg Monthly Visits – September 2010 (Compete): 19,657,904
6 Month percentage Increase/Decrease: 71% Decrease
Digg Alexa demographics:
Gender: A higher percentage of men use the site
Worldwide Digg Usage (percentage of visitors):

  • USA 34.2%
  • India 18.1%
  • Pakistan 4.6%
  • UK 4.5%
  • Canada 3.2%

More people use Digg in London than any other city in the world.

Digg was the largest social bookmarking site for female usage.

3. Reddit

What is Reddit?
Users may then vote the posted links “up” or “down”. Voting determines links’ prominence on Reddit, with the most successful links reaching the home page. In addition, users can comment on the posted links

Reddit usage and traffic stats

Reddit Alexa Rank: 302
Reddit Quancast Rank: 211
Reddit Monthly Visits – April 2010(Compete): 9,989,501
Reddit Monthly Visits – September 2010(Compete): 16,899,607
6 Month percentage Increase/Decrease: 69% Increase
Reddit Alexa demographics:
Gender: A higher percentage of Males use the site
Worldwide Reddit Usage (Percentage of visitors):

  • USA 40.4%
  • India 16.2%
  • UK 5.3%
  • Pakistan 4.6%
  • Canada 4.2%

4. StumbleUpon

What is StumbleUpon?
Web pages are presented when the user clicks the “Stumble!” button on the browser’s toolbar. StumbleUpon chooses which Web page to display based on the user’s ratings of previous pages, ratings by his/her friends, and by the ratings of users with similar interests.

Stumblepon usage and traffic stats

StumbleUpon Alexa Rank: 204
StumbleUpon Quancast Rank: 315
Stumbleupon Monthly Visits – April 2010 (Compete): 10,672,890
Stumbleupon Monthly Visits – September 2010 (Compete): 9,002,406
6 Month percentage Increase/Decrease: 16% Decrease
StumbleUpon Alexa demographics:
Gender: A higher percentage of females use the site
Worldwide StumbleUpon Usage (Percentage of visitors):

  • USA 35.6%
  • India 19.4%
  • UK 5.2%
  • Pakistan 4.8%
  • Canada 2.7%

5. Yahoo Buzz

What is Yahoo Buzz?
The Web’s most remarkable stories, determined by people like you. Stories are ranked based on your votes, comments, emails etc. Seeing as the US still has a major love affair with Yahoo (something we in the UK have never really underst00d), Yahoo Buzz is a major way of opening up your brand and publication to the American audience. Getting on the homepage of Yahoo Buzz could bring 1 million hits to the news article. This is why newspapers such as the Guardian give the Yahoo Buzz logo prominence in their icon hierarchy on each news page.

Yahoo Buzz traffic usage stats

Yahoo Buzz Alexa Rank: N/A (sub-domain)
Yahoo Buzz Quancast Rank: 400
Yahoo Buzz Monthly Visits – September 2010 (Compete): 8,985,685
Yahoo Buzz Alexa demographics: N/A (Sub Domain)

Sorry we don’t have the data for Yahoo as it is based on a subdomain of the behemoth main page.

6. Delicious

What is Delicious?
Delicious uses a non-hierarchical classification system in which users can tag each of their bookmarks with freely chosen index terms. The site covers a lot more technical content than over bookmarking sites – great if you have content about new script of some sort, not so great if you are pushing celebrity photos.

Delicious usage and traffic stats
Delicious Alexa Rank: 342
Delicious Quancast Rank: 870
Delicious Monthly Visits – April 2010 (Compete): 2,919,993
Delicious Monthly Visits – September 2010 (Compete): 2,166,973
Delicious 6 Month percentage Increase/Decrease: 26% Decrease
Delicious Alexa demographics:
Gender: Very even between male and female
Worldwide Delicious Usage (percentage of visitors):

  • USA 25.7%
  • India 16.3%
  • Germany 6.0%
  • UK 5.2%
  • Pakistan 4.1%

7. Tweetmeme

What is Tweetmeme?
TweetMeme finds the best stories from twitter for you to retweet. It’s a bit of a kop-out site and now the functionality on Twitter is growing and maturing, these external sites are being greatly affected. So much so that there has been a massive drop in usage for tweetmeme over the last few months. The question needs to be asked, what is the point of Tweetmeme now and does it have a future?

Tweetmeme usage stats

Tweetmeme Alexa Rank: 426
Tweetmeme Quancast Rank: 877
Tweetmeme Monthly Visits – April 2010 (Compete): 5,812,713
Tweetmeme Monthly Visits – September 2010 (Compete): 1,708,916
6 Month percentage Increase/Decrease: 71% Decrease
Tweetmeme Alexa demographics:
Gender: A higher percentage of females use the site
Worldwide Tweetmeme Usage (percentage of visitors):

  • USA 33.3%
  • India 14.1%
  • UK 5.6%
  • Germany 4.5%
  • Pakistan 3.7%

8. Mixx

What is Mixx?
Mixx is a user-driven social bookmarking web site that serves to help users submit or find content by peers based on interest and location. Mixx is quite nice to use and has its supporters in good brand partners who push the usage of Mixx on their sites. However, recent drops in traffic and usage may be the beginning of the end for this site that fundamentally doesn’t do much wrong. Maybe its relative decline has been to not expanding outside the US as much as its competitors.

Mixx usage and traffic stats

Mixx Alexa Rank: 764
Mixx Quancast Rank: 940
Mixx Monthly Visits – April 2010 (Compete): 638,916
Mixx Monthly Visits – September 2010 (Compete): 499,946
6 Month percentage Increase/Decrease: 22% Decrease
Mixx Alexa demographics:
Gender: A higher percentage of males use the site
Worldwide Mixx Usage (percentage of visitors):

  • USA 33.7%
  • India 20.9%
  • Pakistan 10.9%
  • Indonesia 3.5%
  • UK 3.4%

9. Fark

What is Fark?
Satirical views on interesting, bizarre and amusing stories, submitted by a community of millions of news junkies. Fark is rapidly growing and has a nice mix of set-submitted news stories all with a forum post aligned with it. Posts can be categorized by showbiz, politics, music and more. Then the posts are submitted to the daily list by members of Total Fark. It seems to have much the same contributors daily, both on a media side and the submitters. However, the comedic tone placed on even the straightest of news stories gives this site a unique angle that no other Social Bookmarking site can compete with.

Fark usage and traffic stats

Fark Alexa Rank: 2120
Fark Quancast Rank: 1019
Fark Monthly Visits – April 2010 (Compete): 3,284,611
Fark Monthly Visits – September 2010 (Compete): 5,568,232
6 Month percentage Increase/Decrease: 70% Increase
Fark Alexa demographics:
Gender: A higher percentage of males use the site
Worldwide Fark Usage (percentage of visitors):

  • USA 66.6%
  • India 7.1%
  • Canada 3.6%
  • UK 2.6%
  • Pakistan 2.0%

10. Slashdot

What is Slashdot?
Another social bookmarking site that is very US facing. Slashdot is a Social Bookmarking source for technology related news. This niche-ish market should always prosper online. However, Slashdot has recently experienced some major traffic decreases according to the stats below. Is there anyway back for Slashdot?

Slashdot usage and traffic stats

Slashdot Alexa Rank: 1254
Slashdot Quancast Rank: 1825
Slashdot Monthly Visits – April 2010 (Compete): 5,203,589
Slashdot Monthly Visits – September 2010 (Compete): 1,004,515
6 Month percentage Increase/Decrease: 80% Decrease
Slashdot Alexa demographics:
Gender: A huge percentage of males use the site compared to females
Worldwide Slashdot Usage (percentage of visitors):

  • USA 44.5%
  • India 10.9%
  • UK 7.0%
  • Canada 4.3%
  • Germany 3.6%