The most Retweets and Facebook Likes ever?

The most re-tweets ever

It was claimed that the 2008 US Election was won by Barack Obama through his campaigns work on social media. Now with the most ever re-tweets this time round and huge support throughout the campaign on Facebook and Twitter the same could be argued again.

After he won the previous US Election in 2008 the New York Time stated:

The Obama campaign did not invent anything completely new. Instead, by bolting together social networking applications under the banner of a movement, they created an unforeseen force to raise money, organize locally, fight smear campaigns and get out the vote that helped them topple the Clinton machine and then John McCain and the Republicans.

The First Social Media President

Barack Obama was the first post boomer-President. At 47 in 2008 and 51 now, Obama is from a different generation to George W (now 66), John McCain (now 76) and Mitt Romney (now 65). He viewed media in an entirely different way and sought to use the Internet and its relatively new offering of social networks then, to more effectively build a political brand, create engagement and continually connect. Furthermore social media allowed followers and fans to self-organise and take on the baton of the message.

From that election Obama had a major political base and a significant database – this support and social media mobilisation (as well as committed support obviously) has been utilised ever since.

With 32 million followers on Facebook and 22 million followers on Twitter Barack Obama has formidable presence on social networks.

Today this culminated in some pretty large (yet relatively arbitrary) figures on Twitter and Facebook.

The Most Facebook shares ever?

Most facebook likes ever?

At 3.35 million shares on Facebook, this “Four More Years” update must be one of the highest if not the highest amount of shares a single update as received.

Surpassing one from a couple of days previously…

4 more years barack obama photo

The Most Retweets ever

The same image tweeted on Twitter, of Barack Obama and his wife Michelle hugging claimed the most retweets ever, claimed the Social Network -with 675K retweets and counting.

most retweets ever

Whoever is up for the Democrats next time round in 2016 may not surpass this, but who knows, we may all be on an entirely different social network by then – with new records to break.