Million Pound Drop Wins BAFTA Award

million pound-drop Bafta

Well done to the Million Pound Drop for winning the Digital Creativity awards at BAFTA, an award that incorporated all aspects of social media, interactivity, multi-media and audience participation. This was especially interesting news for me, as i was privileged enough to be on the Jury for this award.

The Winner:

  • The Million Pound Drop LiveChannel 4/Endemol/Monterosa

The 3 Nominees:

  • The Big Fish FightChannel 4/KEO digital
  • MisfitsE4/Clerkenwell Films/Kerb Digital
  • This MorningITV1/ITV Studios

Before really watching the programme I thought Million Pound Drop was just another quiz show. How wrong could i be?

However I came across some of the backstage team when I was working on the Social Media for Sky’s Got To Dance. A company called Cat and Mouse worked on Million Pound Drop on the Saturday night with Davina McCall and with us on the Sunday nights.

They rigged up all the live communication feeds between the live online game, the social media outlets and the presenters.

After every question Davina would read out some stats such as “60% of you playing at home got that question right”. 100,000s of viewers were playing live online, twitter was going bonkers after every right and wrong answer. It was amazing to watch and see the interactive between the audience and the live event.

Davina McCall was also quite astoundingly cool and collected throughout. All this information, from the questions, the amounts of money, the data and stats, as well as the technology involved in actually creating the boxes to drop, was quite mind boggling. She must have been exhausted.

This is why MPD were deserving winners of the BAFTA award. Good work team and special mention to Cat and Mouse, as without them it wouldn’t have been the same.

This Morning – They’ve still got it

Well done also to the other nominees especially This Morning. Though Misfits had an extremely impressive social media set-up and pre-planned strategy, This Morning is a 23 year old show, aimed at late 20s and 30 somethings and runs 7 days a week. It is credit to them that they can still be nominated for such awards for innovation. Fantastic.