Susan Boyle Hastag #susanalbumparty took a month to trend on Twitter

Susan Boyle album coverIt seems that any brand is just a click away from a PR Disaster or a “Twitter Fail”, a distasteful phrase that has become part of the social media lexicon.

PR teams and marketing executives probably wish for a time when the worst that could happen was a typo on a press release, which a journalist would discreetly delete. Now an accidental tweet with an embarrassing typo could put a company in hot water – even a month after you have done it.

Is All PR good PR even on Twitter?

For any PR firm the old adage “All PR is good PR” still runs pretty true. If you have a launch for a new album from one of your stars, and the next day every newspaper is talking about it, any PR lovey would take that and deal with any flack that comes along, even if it was gained in quite an embarrassing way right?

Well for some inexplicable reason the singer’s media agency used the hashtag to promote the launch of Susan Boyle’s new album as #susanalbumparty – which can obviously be read two ways. This is unbelievable for any one who actually reads the tag, let alone after an entire brainstorming meeting.

susanalbumparty hashtag

Global Trending for Susan Boyle’s Party

Obviously the party hashtag which could have been thought up by Viz, went global, with extra enjoyment being had by the young male market. An example of this was Zoo magazine who created the below.

mock susan boyle album cover


Scam or accident?

Many stated that this was actually a scam to gain press. The Daily Mail stated that the usage of the hashtag on the media agents site soon trended globally. But this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Digital Spy claim that the actual use of #susanalbumparty was actually only tweeted once on the oficial site, on October 30th almost a month before, and was deleted and then replaced with a fuller less embarrassing hashtag on October 31st.

The trending topic started tweeting globally on 22nd November almost a month after the original tweet was first, innocently written.

Presumably it was then forgotten about as a horrible but rectified disaster. That is until 3 weeks later, where it was then everywhere to the horror of all those involved. See the first and only mention of Sus Anal Bum Party here

susan boyle anal bum party tweet original nov 2012

Personally I feel sorry for whoever made this tweet, but ultimately they may have accidentally created one of the best known album launches ever.