SEO for Law Firms and Lawyers

One of the “big Ten” Law firms called the other day asking about SEO for Lawyers and for their law firm. We gave them the information they requested and un-billed, free advice, but were told “We don’t expect our global corporate clients to find us by searching “law firm” in Google”.

Now this maybe true. But would the Top Ten Law firm turn down a PR opportunity in the Metro, Channel 5 news or FHM for the same reasons? (But with Google the “readership” is a million times larger). Wouldn’t it be beneficial for graduates, journalists and the layman to be aware of their brand?

The legal sector is perhaps one of the most backward industries at marketing itself, despite having the available finances, having a huge prospective client base (we will all need a lawyer at some point in our lives), and having the ability to have a strong local and national customer base.

The big law firm versus the small law firm

The search sector for law and legal terms in interesting. In court a sole-trading lawyer from the suburbs may be intimidated by a senior partner from Clifford Chance or Linklaters, or arguably those lawyers may never find themselves in the same court room together – ever.

However on the relatively level playing field of Google, the small law firm from the suburbs can compete and beat the “top” law firm in SEO for as many keywords as it chooses. In theory there is no reason whatsoever why a small law firm should not get the traffic of a large Top 10 firm. SEO for law firms (and generally) is extremely affordable and arguably the most effective form of marketing – by a long chalk.

Law SEO Positives

  • The big firms are not that active on google, small firms have the ability to beat the big firms with quality SEO
  • Small firms can have double benefit by gaining the local traffic that london firms will not necessarily enjoy
  • At the moment the space is open for all, go for it now to make the long term even more beneficial.

Law SEO Negatives

  • Beware: Law Firm equivalent sites like “go-compare” and “Moneysupermarket” are coming on all the time. As with the insurance and travel sector, these comparison sites will dominate the market and put prices and competition through the roof. Start now, or be left picking up the scraps forever.

How much traffic should legal websites get? From our experience if a small to medium sized profession is gaining 80-120 hits day you are doing pretty well, but you could easily do better. However, you could gain upwards of 200 hits a day, that’s 6,000 per month for non-branded terms for a site that is doing well in SEO. A site that is doing excellently for key terms and is on page one for big terms, both locally and nationally, traffic could be in the 10,000s easily.

Law Keyword Monthly Searches

As you will see from the figures to the right, for just the top 20 or so keywords there are huge amounts of searches made in Google every month for legal terms. This is even before we put in the long tail and the local aspect of searches. For example Milton Keynes Lawyer, Milton keynes law firm, Milton keynes solicitor.







How do the Top Law Firms perform for SEO?

Below we see a chart based on some of the above keywords. It is just a snapshot of the performance of Clifford Chance, the UKs highest billing Law Firm (so says Wikipedia). They are obviously a world famous legal firm, but simply on that basis they should perform much better for plethora of keywords. They don’t.


clifford chance seo1
clifford chance seo2